A large section of the population of Malaysia is drinking at least one cup of coffee daily. Earlier people were making coffee manually, mixing it with milk, water, sugar and other ingredients. This process is time consuming, and the possibility of making a mistake is higher. If the right proportion of coffee is not added to the milk and sugar, it will be bitter or not have the right taste. So to save time and get a better tasting coffee cup, many people and businesses are interested in purchasing a coffee maker or coffee machine. They would like to find out how a coffee maker works, so that they can choose the right machine.

Basic function

The basic coffee machine will mix the milk, water with the coffee in the right proportion to make a cup or glass of coffee. The machine has a provision for storing the coffee in the form of beans or grounds. It also has a section which is filled with water and milk. Depending on the type of coffee required, when the button for making coffee is pressed, the electronics, software in the coffee machine will ensure that the right amount of coffee is mixed with the milk for a specific duration of time and then dispensed through the outlet of the coffee machine.

Design features

Since most people drink coffee with a friend, office colleague or family member, many of the coffee machines have a provision for making two cups of coffee at the same time. The automated coffee machines have a number of buttons so that the user can easily choose the type of coffee which he wishes to drink like cappuccino, latte, or espresso. Usually the price of the coffee maker is directly proportional to the features available, at the same capacity. So depending on the budget of the machine buyer and the number of people who will be using the machine, the right machine should be selected.

How does a coffee maker work

Storage capacity

The basic coffee machine used in homes will have a provision for storing enough coffee for a few cups of coffee. Filling the machine with the ingredients required for making the coffee is also a time consuming task. So most people would like to fill it only once a week. In offices, factories and commercial premises, depending on the size of the business and number of people drinking the coffee, the capacity of the automatic machine should be selected accordingly. Most manufacturers will specify the number of cups of coffee which the machine can make when filled completely.

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Other features

Some of the larger automated machines for making coffee have a provision for grinding the coffee beans. The user can adjust the fineness or level of grinding of the coffee bean, so that the user can get the flavor and aroma which he desires. For better taste and quality, the machines use manual frothing technology for the milk, to infuse air and steam into the coffee. For the filter coffee maker which has a carafe, the milk is in contact with the coffee beans for a longer period of time, so that the aroma and flavor is transferred.

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