A contemporary aquatic circus show does not always involve animals. The show has live onstage acrobatic performers, dancers, swimmers, etc.

The aquatic theatres have many moving lifts on their stage. Therefore, enabling the creators of the show to present ever-changing landscapes. As the stage floor comprises many shifting lifts, it can offer different landscapes in a flow, like a fully dry stage, a partly dry stage, or splashing water only inches deep. For example, the aquatic show business shows their stage to be a dry land at first sight. But just as the music starts and the performers enter the stage. The stage will move to appear a pool.

Much Aquatic show Business has hidden pools on their main stage area that helps them provide different landscape performances to please their audience. They make sure that the stage can move silently and from which anything and emerge or magically appear or wondrously disappear.

The Aquatic Show presents bubbles or creates an illusion of boiling water, and the lights from above and under the water change the show moment by moment. The aquatic show business makes the stage appear as a living and breathing organism. The stage might have geysers, jets, musical fountains of different sizes, artificial rain, or even waterfalls.

The history of the aquatic show business –

The history of the business goes back to the year 1886. It had all begun in France. The city had made its aquatic sensation in a brief period. With that, the spread of the Aquatic show began. The second outbreak of the aquatic shows was in England between December 1890 to April 1891.

In the later part of the aquatic show business, the circus ring was performed within lakes, bridges, wooden boats with the performers, and it even had small flock temperamental ducks or swans flapping their wings. But with time, the use of animals in the water show business was closed.

Nowadays, a traditional aquatic water show consists of many multimedia options, a water show with a baroque style fountain or modern water jets for a contemporary line feel.

In many aquatic show businesses, they use aqua graphics to make a sculpture from the water surface, which is very popular.

The water curtain consists of individually controlled solenoid valves that control the valves’ opening and closing from which the water flows. The control makes it possible to create images by alternating empty pixels and water pixels. Therefore the idea is recreated from line to line and thus drawn while falling by gravity.

Some water theatres go live, and they perform piloted live with an orchestra. In many aquatic show businesses, the creation of stage performances with lights and other water fountains with music is typically performed during the dark or are performed indoors.       


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