Who is Joe Rogan? 

Joe Rogan is all things in one, and he is a comedian, a commentator for UFC, a host for a TV show and a podcast host. In addition, he practices martial arts that include kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. In Taekwondo, Joe Rogan has also won state honors. 

Born in 1967, Joe Rogan has still maintained a great shape, being both lean and muscular. He is very health conscious as well. His philosophy regarding food and exercise is very simple. Food for his body is fuel, and exercise is needed for him to look good. He believes in moderation. 

This is why his diet plan is very authentic and can be attained by most people as well. He is also experimenting with sensory deprivation, cryotherapy and hot yoga to keep the mind and body in its best condition. He also believes in the consumption of supplements

Joe Rogan’s Diet 

The Joe Rogan diet is a combination of several nutritional approaches. The dietary purists might not fully agree with his approach, though it works very well for him. 

Joe Rogan follows a low-carb diet by avoiding refined carbs as well as sugar. He’s not entirely ketogenic, and so his diet is not entirely deficient in carbs. 

Joe Rogan has also embraced the Paleo diet that is the caveman diet. As he is a hunter himself, he eats what he hunts and consumes a lot of it. The wild game usually contains a lot of protein and healthy nutrients. He also eats a lot of starchy vegetables. Joe Rogan also indulges in intermittent fasting for weight management, which includes skipping meals on purpose or not eating for almost 24 hours. He adapts the fasting schedule based on how he feels; when he gains weight, he will fast for a longer period or often. 

What does he eat? 

Joe Rogan’s diet keeps changing from day to day, which is always better than following a strict diet. However, because of this, it is tough to figure out what Rogan eats. 

Highlights might include:

Elk Meat: Joe Rogan usually hunts to eat that itself. Wild game is very organic and low in trans fats. Hunted meat has a better health profile than farm-reared meat. 

Vegetables: Even though Joe Rogan sticks to a low-carb diet, he loves eating veggies. Most of them are also low in carbs and high in fiber, containing essential minerals and vitamins. Some of them are kale, salad greens and beans. 

Avocado: Very low in carbs; these are the perfect fruit for people who are health conscious. He eats them in a lot of ways, like guacamole. 

Eggs: His breakfast is not complete without eggs; they are high in protein and free of carbs. Eggs, along with vegetables in the form of an omelet with avocado on the side, is the perfect way to start his day. 

Jalapeños: Rogan loves hot and spicy food and will include jalapeños in many meals. They are high in antioxidants and are inflammatory. 

Kimchi: A type of Korean cabbage that is fermented. It is spicy and rich in antioxidants which is good for digestion. 

He includes coffee that is high in antioxidants for drinks, which helps him burn fat and boosts energy. In addition, he uses a turmeric-infused creamer as turmeric is anti-inflammatory. 

He also drinks kombucha, which is the sparkling form of green tea, high in probiotics and good for the gut. 

Coconut water is Joe Rogan’s favorite post-workout drink. 

Sevai is a low-calorie, sweetened soda. It is not healthy, and Rogan drinks it as a treat. Even whiskey is something that Joe Rogan likes and drinks when he wants to relax. Water intake is something that goes without saying. Joe Rogan drinks a lot of water. 

When it comes to Supplements, Joe Rogan gets his from Onnit, including Glucosamine and Chondroitin, vitamin D3, black coffee and MCT oil, multivitamins, omega 3 and 6 and lastly, Alpha Brain. 

Despite being 50 plus, Joe Rogan trains very often. From cardio per week to strength training, yoga and martial arts. He plans it all. 

All the above things work well for Joe Rogan, keeping him healthy and fit. However, the approach might still be impractical for many. Hence, it is advised to only borrow aspects from his diet and schedule and plan your own!


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