Communication is key – if we didn’t have the technology we have today, we would still be waiting days for letters to arrive in the mail. Keeping up to date with the ever-changing tech world is crucial for businesses to stay afloat, continue growing, gain new customers, and improve their efficiency.

Being tech-savvy is an absolute must for businesses who want to continue growing. Without a steady stream of communication and marketing to their target market, companies would not sell their products and push their brand to the general public.

There are certain methods businesses can use to improve their scope, reach their intended and ideal target audience, and increase buyer-to-business communication.

Mass Texting is the Wave of the Future

Mass texting is a communication method that lets a business, company, entrepreneur, or startup send SMS messages to thousands of subscribers simultaneously. Various organizations take advantage of this subscription service today, helping reach their entire target audience without personalizing and writing individual emails or texts.

Mass texting helps a business’ efficiency since this quick method saves time and effort.

Is mass texting legal?

Don’t worry – your business plan to send mass texts is 100% legal. Sending a mass text message to those who have given written consent to receive information from you is allowed, given you have provided clear facts and disclosure about what they are consenting to.

What is the cost of mass texting?

Businesses have to keep track of their profit and costs when remaining successful. Fortunately for corporations, mass texting is quite affordable. Prices for mass texting services on various platforms typically run around $25 per month for the entire service.

Group texting vs. mass texting

Group texting involves sending a message to a small list of recipients to reduce having to message each individual. However, mass texting is more efficient if you have a large list of recipients to whom you want to send the exact same message without any personalization.

Mass texting benefits

As you can tell from looking around at people today, everyone is addicted to their phones. Whether you are waiting in line, sitting at a cafe, or ‘talking’ with your friends, almost every individual in the modern world owns a smartphone to remain in constant communication.

Businesses with mass texting can use this to their advantage:

  • 90% of Americans check their phone within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning
  • ⅔ of Americans fear not having their phone with them during the day
  • 75% of Americans claim they are ‘addicted’ to their phone

Businesses that use mass texting can quickly connect with their target customers, sending reminders, service updates, sales promotions, and special discounts for the subscribers.


Mass texting improves efficiency and reach by sending the same message to a long list of subscribers. By avoiding the need to carefully write each message or email individually, businesses can boost their productivity while simultaneously improving the ability to reach their target market and ideal customer.


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