Finding the right course, searching for the right college, checking if you fulfil all eligibility criteria, filling the application form, writing the LOR and SOP, and then submitting the form. These are the broad steps involved in applying to a college abroad.

Needless to say, the process is stressful and tiring. Now imagine, instead of a letter of enrolment, you receive a rejection. The entire effort along with your hopes and aspirations go down the drain.  

But what if there was an admit predictor tool that saved you from this unnecessary labour? What if there was a profile evaluation tool for free that gave a pretty good estimation of which college might accept you? 

Here’s exactly what GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor does. 

What Is GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor?

It is a profile evaluation tool for MS in US which can be used for free. The tool assesses your profile and gives a breakup of which colleges in the US are most likely to enrol you in a Master in Science program. It also tells you the probability of you securing an admission in your dream college.

How does that help? Instead of dividing your attention and time on n number of applications, you are allowed to streamline your focus to only twelve. This optimises your effort and takes you one step closer to the dream admit.

How Does GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor Work?

The MS admit predictor tool utilises the following:

  • GRE Score or the expected GRE score
  • TOEFL or IELTS Score or the expected TOEFL or IELTS score
  • Academic records like GPA scales, scores, and topper GPA
  • Undergraduate details, for example, course, school, and year of graduation
  • Details of your target course, for example, the name of the course, semester, etc.

Using these values, GyanDhan’s profile evaluation tool determines the likelihood of you getting an acceptance from your dream college.

Besides the probability of your receiving admit from your target university, it also gives 12 more colleges divided into 3 categories:

  • Safe, i.e., landing an admit has  >75% probability.
  • Moderate, i.e., landing an admit has 40%-75% probability.
  • Ambitious, i.e., landing an admit has <40% probability.

Each category generates a list of 4 schools along with the probability of you securing an admittance from them. One aspect to bear in mind is that the evaluator doesn’t consider your Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation. It automatically assumes a median quality for both, though GyanDhan does offer a free SOP review tool. 

What are the Benefits of Using GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor?

  • GyanDhan’s MS admit predictor tool boasts of giving its users an accurate picture.  Firstly, it was made using over 1.5 lakhs data points submitted by students. Moreover, the data points were computed by people who have an actual Data Science background and had faced the exact problem when they applied to colleges in the US. Therefore, in the making of this tool, GyanDhan has considered the real accounts of students who applied to colleges abroad. The tool as a result is comprehensive and therefore generates a nuanced result helping students to take a more informed decision.

 How is GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor Different from Others? 

The profile evaluation tool for MS in US is one of its kind in the running market because of three reasons.

Clear, Specific Probabilities

All other evaluators simply clump colleges in three baskets – safe, moderate, and ambitious. They do not specify the probability of getting into each college, meaning all the schools within one basket are indistinguishable. 

GyanDhan’s university predictor for MS provides the percentile, which is your rank as compared to previous successful admits, for each university in each category. In addition, you get data like:

  • Major-wise University Rank
  • Class Percentage
  • GRE Quant Median
  • GRE Verbal Median

This information is invaluable when gauging your odds of admission and removing any college that is not worth the effort. 

Customised for Indian Students

Admit predictors in the market utilise global average admit GRE scores for a university. They are not focused on Indian students. GyanDhan’s profile evaluation tool, on the other hand, focuses on the acceptance rate of Indian students to US colleges. All the results factor in the acceptance rates of Indian students.

Highlights Weak Areas

Unlike other admit predictors in the market, GyanDhan’s MS admit predictor tool gives a list of weak points that you can work on and increase your chances of admission to a target US university.

How can you use GyanDhan’s Admit Predictor? 

Disha, a Computer Science graduate from Amity, Noida, wanted to know what her odds of scoring a ‘Yes’ from Carnegie Mellon University were. She used GyanDhan’s MS profile evaluation tool  for it and followed the given steps: 

Step 1: Fill in the email, gender, phone number, and scores.

Fill in the email

Step 2: Fill in bachelor’s details, target college, and semester, and tap on the Evaluate button.

Fill in bachelor details

Step 3: Get results.

Get results

As evident from the results, her odds of receiving an admit from CMU were very low because her GRE score was meagre compared to the median score the college accepts. The profile evaluation tool suggested her to retake the test to improve her chances. Barring that, Disha could apply to the following 12 universities:

safe schools
Moderate Schools
ambitious Schools

It also compared her GPA with the median GPA of applicants who’ve been admitted to CMU to give a more comprehensive picture and suggested that her experience should be relevant to Computer Science. Disha decided to retake the GRE this year while working on a more suitable project and apply to Carnegie Mellon next year.

The Value of a Study Abroad Admit Predictor

An accurate admit predictor, like GyanDhan’s, can cut your effort and time by half when applying to universities in the US. This is critical because your application is how college officials judge you. When you know that these are 8 to 12 universities you should apply to, you don’t squander time on other applications. You put 100% of your attention on the list of sure-shot universities. Thereby, amplifying the possibility of a ‘Yes’ from the target college.

Plus, the tool is extremely easy to use. It is free, and it saves you a ton of application fees, which in itself can turn out to be a costly affair.

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