How long is Sunscreen Good For?

Sunscreen Good For

Protecting your lovely skin from burning sun by applying sunscreen on your exposed skin is important for all. Rays from the burning sun, especially in the summer season, are very harmful to our skin and often they can cause serious and sometimes incurable skin diseases like cancer. UV rays from the sun cause this deadly cancer called Melanoma.

But, sunscreen can save your skin from these deadly skin diseases. Sunscreen has SPF that helps to protect skin from direct sun rays both UVA and UVB which are responsible for skin’s cell damage.

There are many sunscreens out there in the market, you know. SPF of sunscreen may vary depending on your need. Jacket sunscreen with SPF 50 can give you full-fledged protection while you are playing under the sun.

How many times you should apply

For ideal usage of a sunscreen, you should reapply them on your skin after every two hours. SPF works well within two hours after applying on your exposed skin. On the other hand, if you perspire or bath in the sun, you should apply your sunscreen frequently. Otherwise, being unable to protect your skin, it damages your skin instead.

Types of sunscreen available in the market

There are two types of sunscreen out there in the market. They are chemical and mineral. In a chemical sunscreen, there may be found chemical substances like oxybenzone, avobenzone which are not so healthy for your tender skin. On the other hand, in a mineral sunscreen, there may be found zinc oxide or titanium dioxide which do not harm too much. To have the needed film on your skin, apply the sunscreen properly to see better result under the hot sun of the summer season.

Make sure there is an expiration date on the tube

On most sunscreen tube, there is an expiration date stamped. And the expiration date of sunscreen is no longer than three years. So, you can use your one-year-old sunscreen on your skin to protect from the sun because the SPF still works well. But if the date expires, it does not work to protect your lovely skin. Instead, it can be a cause for your skin damages.

Maybe, you think to save a few bucks using your old sunscreen for the next summer to protect your skin from the burning sun. But you should not do that because you may have to spend much more if there happens any damage to your skin cell’s DNA. So, be careful as your lovely skin is very sensitive as well.

Never compromise with your good skin

Why? Our skin is very sensitive, and you know it very well. After the expiration of the sunscreen, there develops the growth of harmful bacteria and sometimes, the growth of bacteria can break out immensely inside the tube. These bacteria can cause threatening damage to your skin if you apply the expired sunscreen on your skin.

Sunscreen can be infected by your hands too

Besides, due to frequent opening and closing the tube, SPF does not keep active for long. With the touch of your hands, bacteria can enter into the tube and spoil the SPF of the sunscreen. So, most dermatologists suggest not using expired or even one-year-old sunscreen to our skin.

So, you can see that sunscreen can be good for two different purposes. One of them is daily usage duration (after the application of the sunscreen to your body), and the other is the expiration of the sunscreen.

Don’t let sun rays harm your skin

You should not stay under the burning sun without reapplying the sunscreen after every two hours (recommended). So, take your sunscreen tube with you while you are playing or bathing in the burning summer sun. Keep playing but apply sunscreen before starting.

Like foods or other similar things, sunscreen also has an expiration date. And after the expiration date, the SPF inside it to protect your skin from sun spoils. But you can use one-year-old one through the skin specialists around the world do not recommend it.

Apply according to your body’s shape

Amount of sunscreen depends on your body shape. Some need more whereas some needs are less. For the full protection of your exposed skin, you should go for the SPF 30 instead of SPF 50. Besides, if you swim frequently or sweat you continuously without any excuses should apply and reapply the sunscreen on your body after every 2 hours that are ideal for your skin.

Also, if you see that the color or smell of your sunscreen has changed over time, without making further delay, you should throw the bottle of your sunscreen off immediately. We all love our skin and so do not want to harm it anymore. That’s why you should think and rethink again and again before using a one-year-old sunscreen to apply on your body to protect it from the summer’s burning sun. Otherwise, you may have to suffer for the long run and spend money and time visiting your dermatologist frequently. Be careful, be conscious and live a happy and healthy life!

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