How much did Harry and Meghan receive for their series on “Netflix”?

How much did Harry and Meghan receive for their series on Netflix

The British outlet “Express” recently uncovered that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle earn an astonishing $300,000 (244,000 pounds) per minute for their latest Netflix series!

Netflix expected the series to be a success, investing 88 million pounds sterling into the project – and they were right! Millions of viewers have already tuned in since its initial debut.

In these exclusive episodes, the public was given a unique look into the lives of the couple and their children through never-before-seen photos and interviews with those close to them. Despite their normal vocalization regarding press intrusion on their privacy, they opened up in an effort to meet their fans’ longing for more access.

Omid Scobie, the author of this series consisting of six episodes, stated that it would be shedding a light on both sides of Harry and Megan’s romantic journey as well as all their struggles along the way.

Insiders at the royal palace lambasted the 360-minute documentary series, alleging that Prince Harry neglected to seek out comments from other members of the royal family prior to its premiere – despite it opening with a statement revealing: “Members of the royal family refused to comment on the content of this series.”

The filmmakers vowed to expose why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a radical decision to abandon their royal obligations.

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