How much is the US citizen’s share of national debt?

The rise of US debt has accelerated over the past three years

How much is the US citizen's share of national debt

It is enough to be born an American citizen to bear before doing anything in life your share of the country’s huge debt of $31.8 trillion, as the child’s cry at the moment of birth becomes motivated by a strong justification.

The per capita debt in the United States is more than $98,000, according to the current level of the debt ceiling, and that number rises to more than $248,000 for taxpayers.

US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a final agreement on the debt ceiling on Sunday, but the bill will not be presented to Congress until Wednesday for a vote.

The US debt has swelled sharply over the past three years after Congress approved several projects requiring the expenditure of trillions of dollars provided by the Biden administration, whether to promote US growth, infrastructure and another green transition.

Since 2020, the US debt has increased from $27.7 trillion to $31.8 trillion, the period during which the coronavirus emerged.

Looking at a longer historical period, The World Ranking monitored the development of American debt since 1930 and was as follows:

1930: $16 billion

1940: $43 billion

1950: $257 billion

1960: $286 billion

1970: $371 billion

1980: $908 billion

1990: $3.2 trillion

2000: $5.6 trillion

2010: $13.5 trillion

2020: $27.7 trillion

2023: $31.8 trillion

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