How Nail Making Machine Works


Nail making machines are supplying overall the world but the main point is how is nail making machine works?. So before moving further here is a small bunch of words that explains the shape of nails.the most interesting thing about nail making industry is its hype, no one ever cares about this industry and i do not think any entrepreneurs now think of it, there are multiple reason for such an attitude, the first and the most prominent one is the lack of knowledge people don’t really know if any industry like nail companies exists in the first place, however, it is not a small industry. you may have noticed that various nails are made up of different types of iron and steel, which are quite expensive. 

In this article we will have a look at the process of making nails. The reason for writing this article is to make this industry a possible and promising option for those who are interested in investing money.    

The representative point of the nail is a four-sided narrow cut known as a diamond point of the nail.  Some other nails have an unsharpened point to prevent them from cutting woods. The strong and sharpened points of the nail usually use which are given below:

  • Barbed points
  • Chisel points
  • Needlepoints

Nails are important to construct a wooden building. There are lots of varieties of nails for hardwood flooring, rain gutters, shingles, sheet metal, rain gutters, concrete, and tile roofing. In the latest technologies, the latest designs of nails drive through air-powered guns of nails. These guns are replacing those nails which drive through a hammer. The applications of new designs of nails are particular for the aerospace industry.

Mostly production of nails takes place from metal wire coils. A wire inserts into the nail making machine that produces 700 plus nails in one minute. Then twisting, forming, cleaning, finishing and packaging are the further steps for the production of nails.


A wire is taken from a coil and inserted into the nail making machine.  A pair of gripper dies grips the wire. Then the shape of the nail will form.

While gripping, dies puts the wire in its place. The mechanical hammer struck on the free end of the wire to shape the nail. Because of the striking, the free end of the wire deforms into a die cavity to shape the head of a nail.

On the other hand, after shaping the head of a nail, shaped cutters set strikes on the other end of the wire. It shapes the point of the nail then cuts the nail from the rest of the wire that is coming from the coil.

After cutting the nail from the rest of the wire, the dies open and nail expels into the collection pan below the machinery.  Once again, the whole procedure starts again to make a new nail from the free end of the wire from a coil and inserts it into the machine.

Additional Step:

Moreover, how nail making machine works? there is a further step in the production of nails.

Serrations, helical twists and other shapes of nails insert into other machines. Then those machines nails go through the procedure such as a stamp, twist, roll, cut various forms. It is a mechanical process but sometimes it can also require a heating process of the material before formation.

After formation, there is a one-step left. Hot caustic soda with rotating barrels cleans the nails to remove oil and zinc dust from the nails. It also cleans up the metal scraps on the surface of the nail. By this step, the nail becomes clean and brightens up.


Above all, how to nail making machine works, the whole procedure sums up here that wire inserts into a nail making machine that grips by a pair of gripper die. The grip holds the wire in its place. A mechanical hammer hits the free end of the wire that forms a unique shape of a nail.

Likewise, the other end of the wire, a shaped cutter set hits the wire that makes the point of the nail and then cut the nail from the wire.

Moreover, the polish and clean up step perform by the chemical which is caustic soda with rotating barrels.

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