The online IAS coaching has been driving the Indian youths’ dreams to join the Indian Administrative Services for quite some time. The Civil Services specifically IAS has always been the most sought after of the careers by the Indian youth. However, not all of the IAS aspirants can make it to the classroom of a regular IAS coaching institution.

What has made the online IAS coaching score an edge over the offline one?

The online IAS coaching has been scoring an edge over the offline classroom coaching institutions recently. The reasons are greater in number than what one might perceive of initially. Besides, they vary from one candidate to another.

It can’t be taken for granted that a new system (read online IAS coaching) scores an edge over the older one (please read regular classroom coaching) only when it has something more to offer. And many a times, a new system comes into the picture when the older one fails to cater to the requirements of the changing times.

Needless to say, the regular classroom IAS coaching institutions could not make it feasible for all with different sets of circumstances to avail of the coaching. As a result, the online IAS coaching institutions have gained in popularity because they have brought the IAS coaching within the reach of all who cannot attend the regular classroom sessions because of unavailability of time.

Who should look for the online IAS coaching?

The IAS aspirants who rush towards the online IAS coaching are usually the ones who do not have the time to attend the regular classroom coaching sessions. Thus the online IAS coaching benefits most the following types of the IAS aspirants:

  1. The IAS aspirants with the full time jobs: Many of the candidates do not have the luxury to resign from their full time job. And a regular classroom IAS coaching institution would definitely require them to do so. Unless and until they give up their job, they would not be able to spare the time to attend the coaching sessions regularly.

Thus, an online IAS coaching institution makes it feasible for the employees to continue with their full time jobs and prepare for the IAS Exam simultaneously. The aspirant may prepare for the IAS Exam online either early morning or after finishing his dinner or whenever and wherever he feels convenient.

  • Housewives or people with any time consuming responsibilities towards their family: A traditional housewife usually can’t spare a few hours on the daily basis to travel to and back from the coaching institution, also including the time required to attend the coaching sessions.

Thus, with the online IAS coaching, not only do the housewives, but all those who have to shoulder any time consuming responsibilities (for their family members, and hence they can’t spare time to attend the IAS coaching sessions on the daily basis), can prepare for the IAS Exam.

  • A number of the IAS aspirants specifically the girls do not find it feasible to leave their hometowns: It’s simply not feasible for all the candidates aspiring to join IAS to rush to Delhi in order to prepare for the IAS Exam. Specifically, for the girls, it does not seem to be feasible in most of the cases, to leave their home towns and move to Delhi simply to prepare for the Civil Services Exam in a regular IAS coaching institution. However, by opting for the online IAS coaching institution, anybody can prepare for the Exam even if he/she does not find it feasible to leave his/her hometown.
  • When it’s not economically viable to get yourself enrolled at a regular IAS classroom coaching institution: Most of the reputed regular classroom IAS coaching institutions charge a hefty sum of fee. And many a times, an IAS aspirant might not find it feasible to pay the amount. However, in the case of an online IAS coaching institution, the coaching provided is far more economical. Thus, a great many of the IAS aspirants find it economically viable to prepare for the IAS Exam by means of the online coaching.

What should you consider before opting for an online IAS coaching institution?

Well, it’s good that online IAS coaching institutions have brought the preparation for the IAS Exam within the reach of all. However, the point to be noted is that you should not opt for an online coaching in haste. Otherwise you might not be able to enjoy the same benefits from the coaching as the candidates attending the regular classroom coaching sessions do.

Here are a few tips that would help you choose an online coaching institution so that the choice is in the best of your interests:

  1. Updated videos: The coaching session videos put online by the institution should be updated as and when required.
  2. Faculty: The faculty teaching online should be well versed with all the teaching strategies in order to make the concepts crystal clear. Besides, the online lectures should cover all that is prescribed by the UPSC CSE syllabus.

Also the lectures online should cater to all the requirements of the changing CSE pattern, apart from co-relating the topics and subjects to each in the right perspectives keeping the Current Affairs in mind. The faculty must be highly competent concerning imparting the knowledge of Current Affairs as well.

  • Online study material and test series: Both should be designed in a manner so that they cater to all the requirements of the UPSC CSE syllabus and the changes in the Exam pattern, if there be any.

Last but not the least, it’s advisable to make it sure that the online coaching institution that you opt for allows you to discuss your queries face to face with the faculty members if so required. However, most of the online IAS coaching institutions allow the students to get their queries solved either on phone or by e-mail. Also, if you are opting for preparing for the IAS Exam online, study well for the self-study will count considerably for you have chosen to study online.


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