Free music and free movies? Although nothing seems to be free in life, thanks to the internet there are so many ways for you to get movies, music, games, books, and more for free. Some people will frown on the fact that you are using the World Wide Web to bypass copyright laws in order to watch a movie because the movie makers do not get their royalties. On the other hand, others will say that those people in the movies and entertainment industry are overpaid – they have enough money as it is.

There are two sides to every argument, and I tend to go for the latter. In many respects, my opinion is that why should a singer and the company promoting the singer be paid millions when an emergency nurse in Italy struggles on around €27,000 a year doing his or her best to save lives.

Of course, the entertainment should not put the effort in without being paid. I mean they do get paid because we see the millions paid to actors and singers. Complaining that an artist loses over €1 or €2 million Euros a year in royalties.

Why Do You Need a VPN For Movie and Music Downloads?

Many internet companies in Italy ban access to websites that allow free downloads of sites that potentially infringe copy write laws. Sometimes the only way to access these websites is by using miglior vpn android software. The VPN software companies allow access because this is big business for them for one, and secondly, they believe in people’s freedom to choose to visit the sites they want to visit – within reason.

VPN software bypasses the servers you use via your internet company to access the World Wide Web. Once you activate your VPN connection, your device will connect to a VPN server, which will then take control of your internet traffic.

As a result, your internet session is now on the VPN server and not your own device. The VPN company has their own internet connections that are the same as your internet provider’s servers that connect you to the internet when you are not using the VPN. The only difference is that the VPN servers provide unrestricted to the World Wide Web.

Any proxy servers set by your internet company or by the Italian government to block people from visiting websites that infringe copyright laws are bypassed by using a VPN tunnel.

The VPN software uses a VPN tunnel to achieve this. It is a little like digging through a mountain to create a tunnel for vehicles such as trains or cars to get through. From the outside, you cannot see the car or train once it has entered the tunnel. You also cannot see the other side of the mountain.

Unless you have very sophisticated equipment and a lot of time on your hands, the only way to see the cars or trains is to dig a hole through the mountain into the tunnel. You would also need to navigate through that mountain accurately to hit the tunnel being used by the cars or trains.

VPN tunnel is the same. The data going through that tunnel is effectively the cars and trains. On the outside of the tunnel is layer after layer of encrypted walls making it time-consuming and difficult to navigate to the data being sent through the VPN tunnel. This is exactly why VPNs are so useful at bypassing ISP blocks with complete privacy.


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