Do you think that there needs to be some person, whether you or anyone else, always present at your home to safeguard and protect it from internal and external threats? Or leaving your home alone makes you worried and unable to focus on other work? If your answer to these and many other similar questions is ‘Yes,’ then worry no more.

Learn in this article about the Smart Home Motion Sensor and their applications for your home to make you easy and carefree and leave it in completely safe and reliable hands.

What are Smart Home Motion Sensors?

Smart home motion sensors or detectors are electronic devices installed in various key areas of your home to detect or sense an unusual motion or movement. Generally, smart home motion sensors are used to prevent or monitor these movements and motions.

But in cases where a preventive measure is somehow breached, these smart home motion sensors alert you of the intervention and calls for an urgent recourse to stop the breach from creating any further deterioration.

Application of Smart Home Motion Sensors

While the conventional and traditional use of motion sensors at home was limited to security purposes only, the modern smart home motion controls offer various other applications to keep the resident and home safe from numerous other threats.

In this case, whether you are at home or far away from it, smart home controls and home automation system sensors will automatically prevent many things from going wrong at your home.

1. Burglary Detection

Smart home motion sensors can detect any external threats related to theft and burglary at your home. Whether you are at home or not, if someone tries to break into your house, a smart home motion sensor will detect it spontaneously and send you an alert by ringing the security alarm, calling the police, or sending you a text message or an app alert on your smartphone to make you aware of the situation.

In most cases, burglary detection does not need to activate when someone only tries to break in. Rather, it can even activate when someone nears or enters a certain restricted zone around the entrance or boundary wall of your home, etc.

2. Garage Door Control

Smart home motion sensors can also control your garage door. The door can automatically open when your car reaches outside or automatically closes when it leaves.

 It can also link with the lighting system and makes the garage inside and outside lights turn On and Off automatically when the door opens or closes. Even if away, you can still check its status as well through the app on your smartphone.

3. Smoke Alarm

Smart home motion sensors can keep a check on any unwanted smoke present inside your home.

Aside from the normal smoke coming from the cooking in the kitchen or smoking, if something is burning, for example, an iron left on the clothes unattended, or an electric short circuit, a smoke alarm will ring, call the firefighters, activate automatic fire extinguishing system, and send you an alert of the situation.


4. Water Sensor

The smart home motion sensor can also detect any water overflowing from your sink and spilling on the floor of your bathroom and send you an alert about it.

It can also detect if a water taps or any other water dispensing point has been turned on but left unattended for some while and is amounting to waste of water. In such cases, it can automatically turn the tap off.

While washing hands, it can keep the water flowing from the tap for as long as it continues to sense some motion near it. It can also monitor the water flow at various times and for various uses.

5. Smart Lock

Smart Lock

Smart home motion sensors also apply to smart locking systems to keep your house’s entrance and exit locks safe. Smart home motion sensors ensure that only authorized persons pass through the door by locking and unlocking wirelessly through an authorized user’s authentication. What is more, the motion sensor could detect unauthorized movements. The smart lock may also have alarms that automatically turn on when motion sensors detect any unrecognized movements. In this case, the smart home motion sensors’ application in the smart lock can protect you from trespasser and keep your home secure.

HDL Automation provides excellent quality, well designed, and easy to integrate and install smart home motion sensors with all the above-mentioned applications. The HDL smart home motion sensor will be a complete answer to all your modern-day worries related to your home’s internal and external threats that might happen whether you are present or in your absence.

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