It is thought that the first window blinds were invested back in the 1800s. This was by Edward Bevan in 1769, an Englishmen that is thought to have created venetian blinds as we recognize them today. The blinds had wooden slats on an aluminum frame and they were operated manually by hand.

Since them, window blinds have come a long way. You can take your pick from different sizes, materials and even colors. But, something else that is revolutionizing blinds is technology. Now, you do not even have to operate the blinds by hand. Let’s take a closer look at how technology is changing window blinds for the better.

Welcoming Motorized Blinds

One of the biggest trends to hit the market is motorized blinds. Just as the name suggests, this type of blind has an integrated motor and it is responsible for opening and closing them. It has been welcomed by a lot of homeowners and technology has meant that you no longer have to manually open and close the blinds in the morning and at night. This is done through the touch of a button on a remote.

The good thing about motorized blinds is that they are available as battery powered or mains powered. This means that you can choose your option based on your needs. For example, if your blinds are going to be up in an area of your home away from power outlets, you can go for battery powered designs. Alternatively, if you never want to worry about changing the batteries, you can choose mains powered for simplicity.

When motorised blinds were first on the market, their design was something that people were apprehensive about. But, this has dramatically improved over the years and now the integrated motors that are used are subtle and you do not know they are there. For example, Smart Blinds has a variety of automated window dressing options available so that you can choose the right one for your home.  This means a stylish and attractive window blind that is also easy to use. If you are interested in finding out the variety of styles that are available, here are some examples:

  • Motorised roller blinds
  • Motorised skylight blinds
  • Motorised roman blinds
  • Motorised venetian blinds
  • Motorised vertical blinds

Indeed, practically every popular type of blind is now motorised. This gives you a lot of options for your home, whether you want to have vertical blinds over kitchen patio doors or roller blinds in the bedroom.

Connecting to Smart Device Apps

Nowadays, you will find that there is an app for everything. Well, you have guessed it; there are now apps for controlling your blinds! This is something that was a natural progression from being able to turn on and off lights, as well as control the television. Consumers want to make their lives a lot easier and this led to having blinds that connect to smart device apps.

Smart blinds can seem like something that is a novelty. Indeed, they are going to be fun to use to begin with. But, they are also something that just makes your life easier. Nobody wants to go around the house shutting all of their blinds. If you have a lot of windows, this is actually something that can be time-consuming each day. So, having an app that is going to do this for you will be a lot simpler.

Voice Operation Now Possible

Would you like to operate your blinds simply by speaking to them? Well, thanks to technology, this is something that is now possible. A lot of modern motorized blinds now come with voice operation, which allows you to simply use your voice to open and close them. This is very easy to use and it means that you can be anywhere in the room. For example, say you are lying in your bed being lazy and now wanting to get up to go to work. You can use voice technology in order to open the blinds and bring in the natural light to wake you up. Alternatively, at the end of a busy day, you can speak to close the blinds.

What other technology improvements can we expect to see to blinds over the next few years? It is hard to say, but it is likely that it will be further progression on the motorized blinds design. This is trending right now and homeowners are loving them. Would you ever have motorized blinds in your home?


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