How To Access Pain Management Care From Home

How To Access Pain Management Care From Home

Managing pain is a challenge even with access to a full range of medical resources. So, the limitations presented by the COVID-19 pandemic have made managing chronic pain even more challenging. Given the pervasiveness of the pandemic, using virtual healthcare services is ideal. It provides protection against the spread of the disease by attending in-person appointments.

This is one of the reasons that advances in telemedicine have been so beneficial to managing issues related to pain from the comfort of home. Accessing pain management care from home is simpler than it may seem, but working with a pain management practice that can make it happen is the ideal solution in the midst of this pandemic. 

Are You a Candidate for Telemedicine Pain Management?

This form of pain management is ideal for those suffering from chronic pain, which is characterized as ongoing pain that lasts over a course of months or even years. Acute pain is different and generally only lasts a short time. Acute pain is generally due to a recent or sudden medical or health issue. This may need in-person treatment to ensure that the issue is not more severe. 

This does not mean that those suffering from acute pain cannot be helped with virtual pain management. It is best to start with an assessment from a pain management specialist to determine if you need to be seen in-person first since the issue in question is a new one. 

Generally, those that receive treatment for chronic pain have a good understanding of their condition and have a routine way of treating it. This is one of the reasons that telemedicine is an option for those suffering from chronic pain because they generally have an established health history that can help with determining effective treatment modalities.

Assessment is still an important step in the process, and a pain management specialist that has experience working virtually can properly determine how to move forward with a treatment plan to address chronic and long-term pain issues. 

Work With a Pain Management Practice With Telehealth Experience

Treating pain virtually can be tricky for medical practices that have not had extensive experience in doing so. It requires the ability to assess the patient from afar, using technology that provides key insights into the patient’s health history and current condition in a way that is secure and protects the patient’s privacy. 

MediPain Management is one of the only companies in the country to engage in this level of care routinely. According to Dr. James Bonner, “It is our philosophy to provide our patients with the highest standard of medical care through a routine of outpatient therapy combined with pain management and medical supervision in a positive, pleasant environment.”

The reason MediPain’s approach works so well is that it relies on an array of technological tools to help patients, including video conferencing equipment, smartphones, and tablets to accurately access as much information as possible to help patients to determine the root of the pain and manage it properly. 

Be Specific About Pain Complaints

One of the biggest mistakes that those in chronic pain make when seeking treatment is downplaying the issue for fear of seeming weak or complaining too much. However, pain is an indicator that something is not right physiologically and the only way that a health professional can remedy the situation is by knowing exactly what hurts and where. 

Those suffering from chronic conditions may have the same pain in the same place and feel as though complaining about it is repetitive. However, medical professionals need to know this information as well since pain in the same place without relief may indicate the something further is happening. 

When working with a pain management practice through a virtual construct, it is important to be specific and clear about where you are hurting, for how long, and what makes it worse or better. The best thing to do is jot this information down before a telemedicine visit with a pain management clinic. Doing so will provide you with a point of reference during the appointment so that you don’t leave anything out. 

Don’t Assume Anything

There are many people who opt to suffer in silence because they don’t think they can get a diagnosis or assistance for their pain-related issues via telemedicine. Others are under the common misconception that pain specialists doing telemedicine visits cannot provide prescription belief. All of this could not be further from the truth. 

Pain management specialists like MediPain can not only provide real assistance in managing pain through virtual consultations but also, the providers can write prescriptions for medications that can help with pain through these virtual visits. 

This is one of the reasons it is important to avoid making assumptions about how virtual pain management can or cannot help. In this case, a company like MediPain is well-versed in those chronic conditions that can contribute to ongoing issues. Given how important it is for people to remain safe at home – especially those with chronic health issues that may be more susceptible to exposure to the virus, telemedicine pain management truly is the best option right now. 

Suffering from chronic pain can drastically impact the quality of life. However, people living with painful health issues do not have to suffer simply because they cannot see their physician in-person. Virtual pain management is not only possible, but it is advisable and can drastically improve a person’s health and well-being by getting pain under control. 

Learning more about how it can help starts with a virtual consultation so that a pain management specialist can do an initial assessment and come up with a plan to help.

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