Track shipment is easy and convenient on Shopify for both customers and sellers. Shopify adds a tracking number to the order a customer had placed on Shopify. The customer places an order, and the parcel tracking page displays the updates about the order’s shipment. The parcel tracking page shows the real-time updates about the shipping directly from the carrier.

Add a tracking number before the fulfillment of an order.

If you already have a tracking number, then it can be easy for you to add the number during the process of shipment. The tracking number is displayed after the customer has confirmed the order. When the customer places an order, he has to fill in his personal details and contact information. The tracking number and shipping details are sent to the email address of the customer. The real-time updates are also sent to the customer’s email after every progress in the shipment. 

Here are the steps to add a parcel tracking page to Shopify:

  • Go to the orders page and select the order number. Go to the order number page and click on partially fulfilled or unfulfilled. 
  • Go to the unfulfilled page and select the mark as fulfilled.
  • Shopify provides a tracking details page on the website. You can go to the information section and add details of your tracking shipment number. 
  • Shopify will be able to recognize your tracking number and will automatically select a shipping carrier. If Shopify doesn’t choose the right carrier, then you can choose the correct one for you. There is a drop-down menu that has all other shipping carrier options. 
  • If the carrier you have selected is not supported, then you can include the URL of the tracking number manually. This will allow the tracking number to appear on the tracking page directly. Always be careful when adding the URL because an incomplete URL will not track the shipment. 

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Add tracking number after the order has been fulfilled. 

If you have fulfilled an order but you receive the tracking number later on, then you can include the number after the fulfillment. This will allow you to send the order tracking number via a notification email.

  • Open the page for your Shopify admin, click on the order page.
  • Go to the order number that you want to add the tracking number too.
  • Include adding tracking option.
  • Edit the tracking number of the shipment 
  • Shopify might be able to choose the right shipping carrier. If it chooses the wrong carrier, then you can select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Select from the drop-down menu, and then add the URL manually. The URL links to the order status page and will connect the customer to the carrier’s tracking page. Enter the complete URL that is provided to your by the carrier to track the shipment.
  • If you don’t want to send any updates, you just have to uncheck the notification section. 
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