Electricity bills are always higher in winter since we use more devices when it’s cold. Someone should pay for your long hot showers, electric blankets, and heaters. Fortunately, there is something every homeowner can do in order to reduce their energy bills even during the winter season.

There is something called ‘vampire energy.’ The vampire appliances in your flat are cable and satellite TV boxes, modems, laptops and desktops that you leave plugged in all the time. If you want to stay warm and avoid overpaying for electricity, follow these recommendations:

Use power strips

According to experts, using power strips can help you save electricity. Before leaving the house, you will be able to turn off all the electronics in your room at once.

Besides using the power strips, consider adjusting the power setting. For example, set your desktop computer to go to sleep at a certain time.

Replace bulbs

Another thing you can do is to replace your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones. They do cost more than average bulbs. On the other hand, they also last longer.

Unplug it all

Before leaving the house, make sure to unplug all the electronics in your room. Appliances such as VCR players, laptop, modem, printer phone, DVD, and DVR can be the reason of your scary electricity bill!

According to the latest research conducted in the United States, people pay at least 20% for electronics when they are turned off. Taking this into account, consider unplugging small kitchen appliances as well (for instance, coffee maker, microwave, food processor).

These simple actions listed above will help you to avoid overpaying during the winter season. There is no need to get a heart attack every time you see the electricity bill!

Check out even more useful tips in the infographic provided by Texas Electricity Ratings:

Scary Electricity Bills


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