Punctuation is a pattern of punctuation marks. It works for any language. Punctuation marks (periods, commas, exclamation marks and question marks) help to strengthen and better convey the meaning of what is written.

In simple terms, punctuation is the rules for the correct placement of punctuation marks. Dots separate one thought from another. Commas help to pause, stop, reflect on the meaning of what is written. Question and exclamation marks convey intonation. Hyphen – serves for a bunch of words. Dash – pauses. The colon is a red traffic light before an important thought.

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In order to correctly place punctuation marks, you can use online services to check punctuation. By analogy with checking the text for spelling, it is enough to paste the material into the input field. The program will analyze and indicate possible mistakes.

All comments in the document are of a recommendatory nature – punctuation marks can be placed by the author freely. Most often, the free distribution of punctuation marks characterizes literary works. The author wants to pause or, on the contrary, speed up the reading in order to convey the dynamism and speed of thought.

If there are no mistakes, the editor or the owner of the site/blog will spend less time checking and publishing materials. Accordingly, your status as a professional will grow. You will be able to count on more orders and higher payments.

Secrets of punctuation

Keep in mind that services are not able to conduct a full check and beat all punctuation rules. However, we must find a tool that will help us write correctly and help all commas, periods, and dashes find their place in the text. And the trick we offer is very simple.

You can learn to initially avoid mistakes so that there is nothing to fix. Then verification is not needed. Keep it simple.

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When working on a text exchange, look at the portfolios of copywriters with the highest skill levels. That’s what’s amazing. A minimum of introductory, participial and adverbial phrases. Minimum commas in texts. And if there are no such constructions, commas are not needed.

Of course, this does not mean that sentences in your texts should not contain punctuation marks other than periods. The biggest problem is the commas. Keep their number to a minimum. How to do it:

  • Use a minimum of introductory words. if they can be deleted, and the text does not lose its meaning – feel free to delete;
  • Participial and adverbial phrases – only where they are needed. Offers with such turnover can be divided into several simple ones.

Consider how you can simplify the sentence without losing its meaning.

Initial option: “A copywriter must create competent texts that meet the main goal – to attract attention, provide useful information that does not give a reason to look for other articles”;

Editing: “A copywriter must create literate texts. They will meet the main goal – to attract attention, provide useful information. So that you don’t have to look for other articles. “

We have kept the meaning and divided 1 long sentence into 3 short ones. This technique helps to make the material easier and increase its readability.

Above, we said that the red line is a kind of punctuation mark. To make your article expressive, to give the reader a jump from one part to another – separate paragraphs from each other.

Remember that a long paragraph of more than 5 sentences is a canvas that immediately scares away. Not always, but most of the time.

Think of the books you’ve read — business literature or fiction. If you see a page without separating paragraphs, you probably want to skip it without reading it.

Pay attention to the pages of this blog too – we adhere to this rule, and the articles look readable. Remember about it – and there will be no end of customers.

The most unassuming punctuation mark is the period. Difficulties rarely arise with it. Our thoughts are clearly structured and it is very easy to separate them from one another.

Above, we said that you can minimize the number of commas, and this will help to avoid punctuation errors. But the best option that will raise your professionalism is to defeat them.

Brackets (like punctuation marks) are used to clarify something. For example, when writing an article (or post for social networks). They can be replaced or removed altogether without losing their meaning.

Colons – before bulky transfers. Customers welcome the absence of long listings in proposals, and suggest translating them into numbered or bulleted lists.

List texts:

  • are more readable;
  • easier to perceive;
  • unload the eyes (by quickly switching between lines);
  • promote easy assimilation of the material.

As you can see from the example, this actually works. And here a semicolon is used. It serves to separate lines in lists, or it separates parts of complex sentences. This is a rarely used sign; nevertheless, its use indicates, at least, that the author is familiar with it and can use it in a place.

How to correctly place commas

Commas are the real scourge of all academic writers. They account for 95% of all punctuation errors made in articles. Checking the assignment or essays for punctuation is not always able to determine where exactly the comma is missing. Difficulties also arise with the definition of extra commas.

Online service is unable to cope with them. How to beat commas? This is not difficult. It is enough to remember the simple rules according to which the commas should always be:

  • Comment clauses. Always separated by commas. They are often referred to as stop words in texts. Stop words, or rubbish, do not carry a semantic meaning, but often lead to unnecessary mistakes. This does not mean that stop words should not be in your text at all. It is important to remember that such phrases are necessarily separated by commas;
  • Participial and adverbial participial phrases. As we said, they can and should be used. The main thing is not to abuse them. And remember that they are inseparable from commas;
  • Homogeneous enumerations, similar in meaning, close in meaning. As in the previous sentence;
  • Parts of one sentence with the conjunction “and”, when they can be divided into 2 independent;
  • Conjunctions but, on the other hand, but – if they are in the middle of a sentence, they must be preceded by a comma;
  • After contact – by name, nickname, status (Friends, come to us!).

It is enough to learn simple rules and there will be fewer mistakes in your papers. Consequently, there are fewer improvements, less nerves, more essays submitted and more money earned.

If you look at it, punctuation is needed not only when writing papers for customers. Any kind of communication: correspondence, business letter, communication on forums, comments in social networks, should not contain errors. At a minimum, this will help to avoid unpleasant comments (which are inherent in social networks), admonitions and accusations of illiteracy.

We parsed the basic rules, remembering which you can write without mistakes. We shared the secrets of experienced copywriters, which make an expert each of them who bumped punctuation marks. Use the punctuation checker, and your literacy will be highly appreciated not only among customers, but also among your friends and family.

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