Nevertheless, you have decided to change your career field or climb the career ladder. The first thing you recall when starting your job search for new employers is a resume. How long have you updated your resume file?

Significant changes occurred in the ATS for selecting candidates, so you need to make sure your resume is up to date and meet all the requirements on the market. With this and other important aspects, we will help you figure it out.

Check out some examples of how to best fill out a resume, who is better to turn to for help, and reviews of TopResume – one of the leading resume writing services.

Every day, thousands of new resumes appear on employer portals. Let us tell you a secret that only 20% of the maximum of them are viewed by the employer. A special ATS program views the entire stream of resume files and applications on the site. This program selects resume candidates according to certain criteria. These may even an improperly arranged resume form. In order to learn how to circumvent this system, you must first correctly build a resume plan. In this case, the program will approve your file and it will be sent to the employer by mail. Why are we talking about this in our reviews of topresume? This company easily passes the ATS checker test.

Step two. When your resume has already been sent to the mail of a company or agency, there is still no 100% guarantee that you will be noticed and your CV will be viewed. The first criterion by which to choose which resume viewing first is a cover letter. Of the ten candidates whose documents will be sent by mail, the first thing to consider is only those who have a letter of support. This is like a small introduction that makes the first impression. Here you can place a brief information that will be in your resume.

And the last thing is that your CV should not be longer than three pages. If you really want to interest employers, then fit on one A4. No one who will check your document will read after several sections of the resume if you are not interested in it immediately.

There are many chips and tips on how to correctly write a resume, but why do you need them if there are people who will do it for you?

Services that can help you 

When it comes to building the right resume, you first need to know that there are special services to create the perfect CV. Before you say that you yourself will be able to create a resume, let me indicate a few good reasons why you should turn to professionals.

  • Only the best specialists whom you yourself can choose will work on your CV. Some resume writing services provide you with a specialist on your own, and some give you the opportunity to choose it yourself through reviews and conversations. As for the writers from the same services, it is correct that they already have vast experience in writing works, which means that they know all the winning chips and how to properly interest the employer.
  • Performing work in the shortest possible time. How often do you put off work on your own portfolio for tomorrow? Having addressed only the development service, the work will be completed in a maximum of 5 days.
  • Some organizations independently send a file to the company in which you would like to work. You just have to wait for a positive answer.
  • You always stay in touch with your writers, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can ask to rewrite an item in a file.

Ask the author to write you a cover letter in accordance with the contents of the resume. And check how it correlates with these examples if you are interested in raising your salary: Who else but experienced writers know how to attract the attention of a reader from the first lines?

  • And the last and probably the most compelling reason to seek help from a review writing service is to save time. You don’t need to rack your brains and think about how best to substitute something so that it looks beautiful.

Today, there are a large number of organizations that provide high-quality CV writing services. One of the same services is Top Resume.

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TopResume Writing Service 

We have facilitated your situation and have already selected for you an excellent service for writing a high-quality resume.

TopResume is a service with a high reputation, where a client can get an assessment of his old resume, make a completely new one, or seek help without any information.

This service has laden with the support of such important organizations as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Johnson & Johnson.

The main advantage of the service is that writers can take your resume for a free check, which will show how effective it is and what are your chances to interest the employer.

Turning to TopResume for help, you can rest assured that you will receive only high-quality support from writers. All because each of them is officially certified, and has a difference. In addition, you can find writers who are professionals in 65 different fields, including legal and political. Therefore, choosing a writer, you can easily request a certificate of distinction from him.

More than 75% of all resumes do not pass the very ATS system, which automatically selects the correct resumes from unnecessary ones. A team of professional writers knows how to put information in a resume so that the program skips the file and gets to the mail of the personnel department.

TopResume offers a choice of three resume options. The first format costs $ 149. This is the price for a standard resume. It is done on the basis of your old or a completed application form, which the writer sends to the client. The second package of services costs $ 219 and also includes a two-month warranty and a cover letter as a bonus. The third package for $ 349 also includes setting up a profile on LinkedIn.

At the end of writing and submitting the resume, TopResume will prepare you for the interview, and teach you how to answer the questions correctly.

According to statistics, customers who use the services of the service become 32% more in demand by employees, and they are hired more often. Therefore, decide on the position for which you want to file an application, and start working next week!

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