From the moment someone glances at your home, an instant first impression is made. The moment we look at someone’s home we automatically start to read much more into that person’s life, taking simple features to indicate what kind of person lives there, which all boils down to the way you present the front of your home. Many people neglect the front of their homes, focusing only on the interiors, but this is a mistake you don’t want to make. Not only do you want people to look at your home and see it as warm and welcoming, but you also want it to be practical and easy for you to make the most of too. If you’re struggling to bring your porch to life, these useful tips will help you create the space you’ve always wanted.

Decorative Aggregates & Flowers

By introducing bright and colourful features to the front of your home, you will instantly create an aesthetically pleasing design that brings character to your home. There are a number of different ways in which you can add to your front porch but adding some bright hanging baskets or a touch of landscaping to the area will really help to enhance the space. By adding to the landscaping, you can create a space that is personal and reflects your own style, which will encourage positive first impressions of your home too.

Front Porch

Seating & Furniture

If you have enough space in your porch area to do so, then introducing some seating in the form of a garden bench or a couple of outdoor chairs will create the perfect space for you to sit and relax. Adding seating to your porch will help to utilise the space properly, creating another area of the home that you can use and enjoy. Similarly, you could look at adding a small table to position an outdoor lamp, or simply to provide you with some surface space for you to use when sat out reading a book with a fresh glass of lemonade.

The Front Door

With your front door being the focal point of your home, you want to ensure it stands out. Firstly, look at the colour of your front door. You want the colour to be bold and fit well with the rest of your homes style and décor. Secondly, you want to add a knocker that will instantly add character to the front door. This is another great way of adding your own personal touch to your homes exterior and bringing that space to life.

Front Door

Once you’ve added to the design and layout of your porch area, you’ll start to notice the overall look of your home coming together perfectly. There are ways to constantly add to your homes exterior and once you’ve made the first change with your porch, you’ll find the inspiration to enhance the rest of your homes exterior and bring it to life.


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