How to Build the Uber Clone App


As the population of various countries grows, the demand for taxi cabs has increased exponentially. Hence, cab-hailing apps and cab-hailing companies are booming. Uber is the world’s top cab-hailing company. It has made many upgrades to its app since its inception.

What is an Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a cab-hailing app that has all the features of Uber’s latest app and possibly even more advanced features. It should have in-app notifications that notify the user when surge pricing is going to be applied. An estimate for the ride should be given before the ride begins to avoid ambiguity and war of words between customers and drivers.

It should also notify the user about arrival ETA and ride ETA. It has an option called SOS once a ride begins, in case passengers face any emergencies during their rides.

An Uber Clone app should also have a feature called ‘Intelligent Routing’ which shows the drivers the shortest route to reach their destinations. This way the time and money of the passengers will be saved. An Uber Clone app should also have features that enable its users to pay for their rides digitally using in-app wallets.

An Uber Clone should have separate apps for:

  • Customers (Riders’ app so that people can book cab rides).
  • Drivers (Drivers’ App so that Uber drivers can receive customers’ ride requests).
  • Company Executives (Admin app to handle cab and monetary operations).

Your company’s Taxi Booking software must also have these three versions to make it competitive in the market and to make official operations easy to handle. A few cab-hailing apps that are examples of an Uber Clone app include:

Use this image for the Ola app

  • Ola
  • Lyft
  • DiDi Chuxing
  • Grab
  • Gett
  • Curb 

These apps have Uber’s latest app’s features and more and their rides are also more economical than Uber’s.

How to build apps like Uber Clone?

The Uber Clone app is feature-rich and user-friendly. Anyone can operate the Uber Clone app. It is one of the most widely used cab-hailing apps in the world. To develop a cab-hailing app like Uber, companies need to follow the following guidelines while developing their cab-hailing app. They are:

  • Create an MVP before developing the app.
  • Create a functional prototype before developing the app.
  • Employ the best technologies and the best app development practices while developing the cab-hailing app.
  • There should be different versions of the cab-hailing app for drivers, customers, and company staff (executives).
  • The app should have all the modern features of a cab-hailing app but should be developed within the company’s budget.
  • The app should be able to process a large number of customer requests at a time and it should be coded in such a way that bugs don’t arise in the future.

The features that your company’s drivers’ app should have

Features For Drivers in an App

At the beginning of this article, we had briefly seen the features of an Uber Clone app. Your company’s cab-hailing app for customers should have features like that to be competent in the market.

Now let us see the features that your company’s drivers’ app should have to be competent in the market. After all, the more robust your cab-hailing app is, the easier it becomes to handle cab and payment operations.

Driving behavior reports

Your company’s cabs must have on-board sensors to monitor the average speed of the cab, the route was taken to reach the destination, and the amount of fuel consumed during a ride. This data must be fed to your cab-hailing app (admin version).

Using this data, you can get a fair idea of whether your drivers are driving in a fair manner or not. You can sort out the drivers driving too rashly or taking unnecessarily long routes and sack them. That way, your company’s reputation can be preserved.

Route optimization

Your drivers’ app needs to show the shortest possible route to your drivers to reach their destination. In case your drivers have taken a wrong route or a wrong turn, your app’s navigation feature should be able to reroute your drivers to the optimal path.

If the route optimization feature is where your company’s cab-hailing app (drivers’ app), it will save a lot of time and money for your customers.

Heat maps

If your drivers feel that they will get more rides if they go to a particular place, they should be able to apply a filter in your drivers’ app which shows them the customers wanting to go to that place. This feature is known as a Heat Map. 

This will make your drivers happy and enthusiastic about their work. This is quite an advanced drivers’ feature that will take quite a few bucks to develop and incorporate into your cab-hailing app.


If your drivers complete a certain number of rides within a few hours or within a day, they should be given bonuses and the amount of bonus they are going to get should also be viewable on the drivers’ app.

This will make your drivers very enthusiastic about their work and will make cabs available for your customers as rides will get completed in a short duration.

In case you are convinced about the future and scope of the cab-hailing business in your country. In case you feel it will be profitable for you and want to launch your own cab-hailing business, you should consider approaching Smart Car to develop your own taxi-hailing app.

Forward dispatch

This feature enables drivers to accept another ride request shortly before they complete the current ride. This feature reduces the waiting time (for rides) of drivers and helps them earn more money.

Miscellaneous features

If your customers are able to order food, groceries, or cooking gas from your cab-hailing app, it might prove profitable to you. The more versatile your cab-hailing app is, the more competent it will be.

They have expertise in the domain and will develop a cab-hailing app with advanced features at very reasonable prices for you.    


An Uber Clone app should be robust yet simple to use. It should have advanced features like in-app notifications, intelligent routing, SOS button, etcetera to enhance its customers’ ride experience.

So, if you’re developing a Taxi Booking software, you know exactly what features have to be in it for it to be competent in the market and for it to be considered Uber’s clone.


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