With the pandemic stopping work across the world, it’s pretty clear that people are looking for an alternative to everything. But, what if we tell you, you can implement a similar change right from the comfort of your home through your mobile phone, that you can access at any period. Read the article until the end to know how you can get an application to do everything you would otherwise do in real life.

We bring you the Andromo church app builder if you are seeking an app that can build up your church without much effort. Andromo allows you to create an app for your church.

Must-have features of your church app

Before getting started, you need to list down all the essential features that your church app must have at any cost. The thing that you need to give precedence to is the people. Without them, the church would be purposeless so the first thing is to have a social network feature on your church mobile app so that people can keep up with the ongoing activities even when they are by themselves and not in church.

This would allow people to interact with each other and partake in online prayer meetings. Having a church app mandates you to have this feature where meetings can be held easily.

The next important thing that calls for attention is having a calendar or events feature handy. It goes without saying how important this feature is, this would avoid overlapping of different events and you can set a reminder for any given event.

The feature that will set your church app off is the contact through which people can reach out to you when they are in need. Allow your church app to have a separate section where your details would be there so the parishioners can ring you anytime they want.

These were some of the most important features that would make your church app better, more importantly these would help it gain further traction.

How to create your own church app(using Andromo)

Now that we have discussed the features that your church app must have, it’s time to lay down the steps through which you can have your own app.


Remember to pitch on an appropriate design which isn’t out of tune with the reason why you are making your own church app. Additionally, your app should be appealing enough for people to join in.

All the crucial features should be there 

Next thing on our list is your church app  should be having all the essential features that we discussed in previous paragraphs. To enumerate them:

  • It must have a calendar or event app that will help you to keep a track of the upcoming prayer meetings and other important stuff.
  • The bible: this is of utmost importance, you can’t build a house unless you’ve the main foundation lined up. The bible should be available to all sorts of speakers so that it won’t hinder their religious practice
  • A social network feature that would allow you to communicate with your fellow people at all times
  • In order to keep a track on the people present and absent during prayer hours, you should have an attendance tracker which will ease your job
  • Miscellaneous: there are countless other features that will conjure up in your mind once you have the app ready

Post about it 

Once the features have been updated on the app, the next thing is to help your church app gain traction and reach to masses so that more and more people can be brought on-board. For this, you need to post about your app on various social networking sites and get people to join you on the app

Final words

A church app comes in handy especially in the times of covid19 where everyone’s life is on the brink, this app will help clampdown on the possibility of jeopardizing many lives. Just have the app ready and boom you are all set to hold prayer meetings with your fellow people, talk about various stuff/organise events and make it possible with the various features available to you. Andromo does every job for you, all you have to do is set up the church of your own.

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