How to Buy Best Chromebooks under 300 dollars in 2021

How to Buy Best Chromebooks under 300 dollars in 2021

How to Buy Best Chromebooks under 300 dollars in 2021

When compared to conventional laptops, Chromebooks are less expensive and come with all the necessary features that you find to in a regular laptop. Students and freelancers mostly prefer them due to their travel-friendly size and affordability. Therefore, if you are on a restricted budget and searching for the best Chromebooks under 300 dollars, then this guide might help you asus chromebook c202sa review the right choice. 

Choosing the right operating system 

Nevertheless, when buying a Chromebook, you need to decide whether or not you can switch on to the Google operating system as nearly all Chromebooks come with Chrome operating systems. Therefore, if you are used to Windows work in a or MAC, you may find it hard to work in a Google-based ecosystem.

Using apps from the Play Store

Chromebooks support nearly all the features the applications that you use in a Windows or Mac laptop. However, the only significant difference lies in the fact that you need to download the online versions of major applications from the Google Play Store.

2 in 1 convertible design

Coming to the screen quality, the Chromebook comes with touch screen functionality, which helps it to compete with more expensive and high-end machines on the market. However, this raises the price of the Chromebook and is regarded as something of a premium feature for the Chromebook. At a minimum, the price of a Chromebook can go up by at least $100 if you go for a touchscreen model. The touchscreen variants can also be used as a tablet, which makes them a dual-purpose machine that can serve multiple functions and let you access content in different modes.

Checking the storage space 

Storage is an important concern when buying a Chromebook, especially because they tend to be limited in terms of external storage support. A standard Chromebook model comes with 32 GB data storage which seems to work well for most people. However, for those users who need additional storage, the Chromebook supports SD card storage by having at lease one slot that can house an SD card easily. This can let you double the storage capacity of the Chromebook. This added capacity means that you can save many more apps to improve the efficiency of your Chromebook.

Using chromebooks for editing 

Moreover, if you are a graphic designer or a video editor, then you may find it hard to run heavy Adobe software on your Chromebook. Chromebooks are famous for their portability, and therefore, they are mostly used for day to day computing tasks. For professional editing or gaming, you can consider going with more heavy machines.

And therefore, if you are looking for a portable device for professional editing, then you may not opt for other lightweight alternatives to Chromebook such as a Thinkpad or Macbook.

Battery life

One of the best features of budget Chromebooks is their versatility and long battery life. Many Chromebooks that are available under 300 dollars are convertible, which means you can use it as a tablet as well. These Chromebooks usually come with a touch screen display and a stylus pen.

Multimedia usage

These 2 in 1 Chromebooks come real handy for watching movies while travelling. Likewise, they perform equally well for students to use at schools and universities. Since Chromebooks are light weight and portable, students can easily carry these in their back pack and attend lectures or access important notes and ebooks online.

Wireless connectivity 

Another important feature of Chromebooks is that they don’t work as well without being connected to the Internet. At the least, you need to be connected to some kind of Wi-Fi network to get productivity out of the apps and programs saved on your Chromebook. However, even if you are not connected to a network, there is still a lot that you can do on your Chromebook. According to even the most modest estimates, a Chromebook lets you use up to 200 different apps in offline mode, something that a laptop or notebook cannot match at the same price level.


Users also think a lot about how durable a Chromebook is. This is a fair concern given the fact that Chromebooks tend to be smaller and lighter than other portable computers. However, looks can be deceiving. Test after test has proven that Chromebooks can withstand serious shocks and pressures which makes them as durable as some of the bigger machines out there. An average Chromebook can survive and function normally even after being dropped from a height of 4 feet, which is the average height of a workstation or office desk. They are also safe from scratches, rusting and any other kind of damage.


Not all Chromebooks are built the same way or are designed to give you the same functionality. In fact, if you browse around for different models, you may find that some models have a faster speed than others. This is because they are fitted with dual processors that increase the functionality and performance of the Chromebook. These are also more expensive than your standard models. Still, other models have a longer battery life that can last beyond 10 hours while others have shorter battery lives.

Chromebook for kids

If you have kids around the house, then you can allow them to use a Chromebook safely. Children around the world are now being forced to attend classes from home using their computers. Not every family can afford a separate computer for every child in the family, but a Chromebook can solve that problem very easily. Not only is a Chromebook affordable compared to a laptop or desktop computer, it supports many learning apps that are necessary for a child’s education. There are plenty of games that your child can play on the Chromebook in their leisure time. 

To wrap up

Chromebooks are generally great for budget-conscious buyers who want a simple machine that lets them do basic computing tasks and online activities. It is not intended to be used for specialized purposes like designing or professional gaming; however, many sophisticated versions are coming out that are especially designed for niche users such as graphic designers, pro gamers, architects, and so on. Investing in these models can help you use your Chromebook for a longer period.  

In case you are considering to invest in a Chromebook for the first time, then going for a budget-friendly model is a great way to check whether or not a Chromebook would be able to handle your required workloads.

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