VA disability compensation is a tax-free monetary benefit from the Department of Veteran Affairs given to Veterans who got injured or sick during their time of service in the military. You may be qualified for VA disability benefits if you have physical conditions (like a chronic injury or illness) and mental health conditions (such as PTSD) that may have developed before, during, or after the time of your service.

The compensation is determined by your VA Disability rating. To figure out each veteran’s rating, an algorithm called the VA Math was released so you can accurately calculate how much you are to be compensated for. All you need to do is learn the VA Math, a calculator, a pen, and a piece of paper.

 There are a bunch of videos online that can help you figure out your numbers. But if you find yourself having trouble with mathematical equations, there’s also a simpler solution. VA Disability Calculators are available and accessible online. It’s been made easier by just clicking a few buttons and they do the math for you. Berry Law has one of these VA Disability Calculators. Continue reading through this article and you will be guided on how to use it.

Getting Started

On the calculator page, you will see rows of boxes. The first row is a bunch of selection for the location of your disabilities such as limbs, skin, mental, internal, and spine. The following couple of rows lets you choose the percentage of disability -100% being completely disabled- on each location listed above. To start calculating, simply click on one area of disability and then select the appropriate percentage accordingly. If you have more than one disability, then simply click the location and repeat the previous process. For example, if you have a severed right arm you just click on the box for ‘Right Arm’ and then select ‘100%’ on the boxes below. And if you have second-degree burns then click on ‘Skin’ and then select the percentage below in relation to how much mobility it has impaired you.

Double Checking

To ensure that the calculation is accurate, it is necessary to go over your selections if something is missing or might have been accidentally added. Luckily, there is a list down below that shows you the selections you have made. If you need to correct the percentage, you can simply click on the ‘x’ next to the category shown on the list and add it back in with the correct value. Here you can also check if an injury was added twice. A simple click to remove it will do the trick.


The next section is for independents. There are drop-down boxes that let you select the number of dependent children you have according to their age. Here you will also be able to identify your marital status and if your spouse requires aid and attendance. And also selection boxes if you have dependent parents.

Getting Your Numbers

Once everything is filled in, the final section shows you your current disability percentage along with how much you are compensated for monthly. If your rating gets to 100% then you are entitled to the maximum payment possible. But bear in mind that there may be differences in The actual percentage you are awarded and the amount you receive.

Get Help

If you require further assistance, a live chat feature is available. Or if it is something else, say an attorney, there are fields available for you to fill in your information, contact details, and a type box for you to leave a message with your concern.

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