We know that staying at home has become a little bit monotonous for many of us, and that the thought of holding any celebration within your four walls could make your hair stand on its ends, but there are so many ways to amp up your celebrations this year! Whether you’re holding a birthday party for your little one or having an Easter celebration, here are our top tips on how to transform your next soiree at home.

Celebrating with your household

For your next party you may only be able to celebrate with your immediate household depending on restrictions. If these are still in place don’t be disheartened, there are still plenty of ways to shake up your next event.

Why not spend the additional money you would have done on catering for more people on some extravagant decorations. We’re talking balloon arches, lighting and maybe even customised streamers or banners. You could even create little swag bags for everyone in your household with some little goodies to “take home” when the event has finished. Who doesn’t love a bag of random bits and pieces.

If food is at the heart of your household, instead of offering a small finger buffet like you might have done if there were more people there, why not splash out on a multiple course dinner and impress your “guests”. They might be the people you live with, but nothing says a celebration quite like 5 courses of delicious food!

Celebrating with your friends

Still want to celebrate with your friends and extended family? Thanks to the wonderful world of virtual meetings we can! Send everyone an invite to your event and watch as everyone’s faces pop up ready to party away. If you’re feeling super prepared, you could even send everyone a care package beforehand. Think of what you’d usually serve if everyone were getting together in person. You might want to include a bottle of wine or fizz, maybe a candle to set the mood, some party decorations so they can get their home into the spirit and maybe even a cheeky bit of chocolate (Easter eggs are perfect this time of year) too!

The possibilities really are endless, even if you are celebrating in a different way than usual. Don’t forget, a celebration can still happen from afar, and may be even more meaningful in these weird and wonderful times.


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