Ah, that February 14th. Everyone knows that date. If you have your “significant other”, if you are in love, that period right before Valentine’s Day is the most thrilling one. I might even call it intense. Why? Well, you already know how it goes; you wonder how you can surprise your loved one, what you can buy, where you can take her/him and stuff like that. All that may get harder and harder as years go by, especially if you have kids. Luckily for you, this article will show you how to bring those old, thrilling days back even though you are a parent.

First of all, let’s talk about how children change things. Many people think that their Valentine’s Day will be ruined because they can’t be alone or simply because kids need attention. When you think about it, does it really change that many things? Kids are your “proof of love”, as I like to call it. They come from the love you feel for each other and right after they are born they become the center of your universe; both of yours. So, why would you think they are a burden to carry when Valentine’s Day is exactly about celebrating love. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t think of your kids as of something that’s holding you back from your good time – celebrate them!

Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with family

And now, let’s check what you can do on February the 14th with your family. Here are some ideas that will show you how to have fun and enjoy your beloved home and “your other half” on Valentine’s Day.

1. Surprise each other

You can do this as you like, but there is a game you could play that will spice things up. What you should do is gather your family, take a hat and put names of each family member in it. Then you and your family members pick one random name from the hat.

The name that you have picked is the name of the family member you have to surprise on Valentine’s Day. You either buy something nice or think of something else.

2. Cook together

This one looks pretty basic but it can bring many positive benefits to your relationship and make your Valentine’s Day awesome!

You and your partner should pick a cake (or anything else) together; ideally it would be something that your family members all love but it would also be something that isn’t that easy to make.

You see, you will have to work as a team and this will be so much fun! Also, at the end of your “project”, you will feel happy and more connected to one another as you just made something delicious together that your children will be grateful for.

Cook together3. Sleep in

You really don’t have to go anywhere if you don’t feel like it. House parties were always the best, right?

You can get cozy in your bed and just lay there. Talk about something, tickle each other or just sleep together and rest.

4. Watch movies

A fantastic way of spending your Valentine’s Day would be watching movies with your loved one or with your entire family. Talk about what all of you would want to watch; which genre.

Watch movies family

Comedies would be best for this occasion but you can play whatever you want.

Prepare some snacks, get comfortable and watch a movie you all picked together.

If you want to watch a movie just with your partner, you can play something sexy. Just don’t forget to lock the doors.

5. Take a trip

Surprise your little ones with a family road trip! Kids love these. Pick a spot with them or without them knowing.

Get into your car, take a bus, take a bicycle or simply walk wherever you feel comfortable; you can also bring some food, drinks and books. I call this quality family time!

6. Have fun while teaching

If you have teenagers in the house, this would be suitable for them. You can gather them up, have some fun and then get to the point. As we can see in this research, testicular cancer can come from a very common sexual disease – HIV.

This will be a little embarrassing to them (they even might blush) but it definitely will be fun to you, plus you know you would be teaching them something they absolutely need to know.

You can give them relationship advices. This might also be a perfect time to talk about sex as well. You should tell them about diseases related to unprotected sex; you might even educate them about something as serious as testicular cancer.

Just use that time for fun but don’t forget to point them to the right direction. Remember how you were in those times.

7. Enjoy a bath

When was the last time you two had a shower together? That’s a pretty sexy way to get intimate again and have some fun. Why not use it on Valentine’s Day?

I guarantee, once you try it out on Valentine’s Day, you won’t be able to wait for the next February 14th to do it again.

You can spicy this up even more if you bring some romance into it. Buy some candles. Oh, don’t forget some nice, bubbly shampoos. Make your bathtub look like a sauna.

It would be a fantastic idea to buy some vine and put it next to your bathtub. M-m this sounds delicious! Get into your bubbly, warm water, pour yourselves a drink and enjoy each other. Talk about whatever you would like and have fun!

Remember, you don’t have to get out quickly; unless your kids need to use the bathroom really bad, that is.

8. Dinner date

Get someone to watch over your kids while you and your partner go out for a romantic dinner in some elegant restaurant or in your favorite place (whatever it may be); or even better, bring your kids with you as well.

Enjoy the evening with some nice food, excellent music, and relaxing drinks. All of you together, dressed nicely, having fun and laughing together. That would be a fantastic way of spending Valentine’s Day!

You can do something new on Valentine’s Day that can change your sex life for good.

I know that sex can get “kind of boring” after you get kids. However, both you and your partner still want it, right?

Sex is a very important aspect of every relationship. Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t and shouldn’t be the centre of a relationship, but it can bring two people closer together and that’s its power.

With that being said you can tighten up your relationship with some good sex. Do something new! Surprise him/her with something you haven’t done in a while or haven’t done at all.

You can decorate your room into something you both like. You can both dress up and act accordingly before sex. You can do literally anything that you think of. Just remember, you have to be creative and try new things.

This can also be one of the best natural ways to increase stamina in sex – by exploring and doing new things.

10. Visit someone

Think of someone in your neighborhood or nearby. If there is someone you are pretty close with (you don’t have to be related) that you think will be alone or lonely during Valentine’s Day, you can gather your family and go for a visit.

You would be doing something good and having a great time. There is nothing that can bring people closer together than doing a good deed.

The person you visit will definitely appreciate your visit and you won’t regret it.

11. Don’t do anything

If you are not up to it, then don’t force it! Just enjoy the day with your family or just with your significant other and do nothing. Yep, you have heard me; don’t do anything the entire day. Just take a day off and enjoy your partner’s company.

You can have a pajama party.

12. Play games

If you don’t have games like Monopoly, Risiko etc. go and buy them! They are extremely fun to play with good company, and there is no better company than your family. At least that’s the way it should be.

Learn the rules together, pick a spot where you would want to play and go for it. Nothing screams like “Fun for the whole family” like those kind of games. You can even just play cards together and still have a pretty awesome time.

You can do this with your partner and kids or just with your partner. For this point, I suggest listening to music just with your partner.

Pick songs that both of you like. It would be great if you pick songs that remind you of your love. Maybe there is a song that brought you two together.

Here’s an idea. Buy some drinks, lay there, open up the window to see the stars, play your favorite music and enjoy the night with your loved one. Oh, yes, don’t forget to tell the kids not to interrupt you!

14. Massage each other

You can buy some essential oils for this occasion. Oh, some candles would be nice as well.

Darken up the room, light up those candles and massage each other. If you want to bring more “sexy” into it, you can even try out the Nuru massage.

The Nuru massage is a special massage that feels almost like sex itself. Basically, this is how it looks like.

You need special, sticky oils designed specifically for this type of massages. You need a nice slippery surface. Pour that oil one to another. Did I mention you are both completely naked while doing this?

After you are both sticky and wet from the oil you have just poured, lay one on another and rub yourself together. Use your bodies to massage one another.

This will bring up the heat and you even might end up having the best sex of your lives. Just be careful though; Nuru massages are so good they can be very addictive!

15. Invite other families

Hey, there are other families with kids too you know! Think of a nice family, your friends, that are also having trouble with their Valentine’s Day. If they have kids, well, even better!

Invite their whole family to your place or accept an invitation if you get one. This would be fun for both you and the kids. Also, your kids will definitely appreciate it. What kid doesn’t like to have fun with friends?!

If there is a significant age difference between the kids, don’t worry. There are plenty of interesting things that they can do together in the house in spite of the fact that they aren’t of the same age.

Again, social games are a great solution!

The Final Verdict

So, what do you think? Did this article help you or not?

I certainly hope it did. These 14 fantastic ideas are all that you need in order to refresh your relationship, have a great time on Valentine’s Day and just feel awesome for the entire day.

With all of this being said, pick one of these fourteen points and try it out. It would be best if you talk to your partner (maybe make them read this article with you, again) about them. If you make a decision together you will be sure you didn’t make a wrong move.

Well, that would be it for this article. I hope you have learned something new, I hope this article inspired you and gave you different ideas, and I hope you can finally enjoy your Valentine’s Day although you have kids! Until next time!