Prom is one of those special “coming of age” moments that most people have higher expectations for. It is a glimpse into freedom, excitement, dating, and a few other aspects of life that adults are now acclimated to. A car is one of those aspects. Taking your date out for dinner, pulling up to prom in a beautiful luxury vehicle, and sporting your ride at the after party can make your night a special one, and a whole lot more memorable. There are just a few key details to ensure that it all goes according to plan, and nothing is really out of the realm of possibility either. Below are a few tips to help you find the perfect car for your prom night.

The Brass Tax

There are a few orders of business to attend to first in order to secure a fantastic night ahead of you. Usually, for prom car hire, the first and foremost would be the age requirement restrictions. Be sure to check with state and federal law.

Also, when using a rental service they will inform you of the minimum age requirement. Most are 21, but some are 19, and even 18 years of age. The second stipulation is obvious. There are different fees included when renting a car. For example, some services even have a young driver fee included. This can make things pricey.

 In some cases, those incredible exotic and luxury cars are taken off the table because of the specific company’s policy. Just being mindful of calculating cost can save you a bit of panic and embarrassment when renting or asking that friend or family member to rent and chauffeur if you are paying the bill. For example, some services even have a young driver fee included.

Choosing Your Ride

This is almost as fun as driving one of the perfect cars for prom. The first step in choosing is considering the only vehicular stipulation. How many people are getting in your prom ride? Make sure to account for your chauffeur, too. After answering that simple stipulation, what style is right for you?

This is supposed to be a memorable experience, it is important to pick something considered, luxurious or exotic. The limousine has even gained popularity and is a great choice if you are considering going with a group of friends and hitting the same dinner or entertainment spots.

Going Classic

Going this route can be very advantageous for many reasons. The primary reason can be price. Classical cars can carry smaller prices than some of the brand new exotics and sports cars most services carry. The second would be availability. If you are in a busier area and what you were originally looking for isn’t available, you might know someone with a vintage car or something unique that will stick out.

It may even accent with the dress wear theme you and your date went with, which couples have done with huge success. There are good car rental services that do provide a mixture of both. For example, in Australia, you can hire vintage cars via DreamRides. The online car hire platform like DreamRides deals specifically in everything that is luxury, unique, or vintage.

The Perfect Prom Night Prowler

Picking the right car for prom isn’t difficult if you do a little bit of homework and don’t wait until the last minute to do any logistical work and rental service booking. Figure out whose riding in the vehicle, where and what you can rent from if you need a chauffeur, and what the total bill is going to be with all of the fees included, and how long you will have the vehicle. Regardless of what style of car you choose for your prom night experience, one thing is for certain. Having a unique vehicle that fits your needs and budget can ultimately enhance your experience and can enhance the memory you are trying to create.

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