In this busy world, we don’t find enough time even to shave our beards. Men always look for ways to keep their face free from beards as they have to attend important meetings and all. To keep yourself ahead from others, there are many types of easy to use electric shavers available. You can even buy the best electric shaver 2018 from various e-Commerce sites instantly. If you find yourself confused to choose the suitable Electric Shaver, then here we have prepared a complete buying guide for you.

If we talk about the current market, there are hundreds of brands available with plenty of models of different types of Electric Shavers. This makes the buyers confused to pick the right Electric Shaver. To make things easier, here we have prepared a detailed buying guide to help select the affordable Electric Shaver.

Electric Shaver Buying Guide

Look for the brand

The very first thing you need to check while buying a new Electric Shaver is the brand name. Since there are plenty of brands with numerous models available in the market, it is always recommended to go with the most trusted brand. Make sure you choose the reputable brand with good reviews from its users.

Foil or Rotary

Electric Shavers come with two different categories, Foil and Rotary. Foil Shaver made of thin and curved foil, while the Rotary shavers come with three or four heads which move easily in circular motion.

Most people love to go with the Electric Shaver with Rotary Blades. If you have stubborn and hard beards, then you should pick the Rotary Electric Shaver which can shave off hard and thick facial hair easily.

Moreover, Electric Shaver with Rotary blades are more effective on Men’s face then the Foil type Electric Shaver.

Wet or Dry

Besides the categories, the Wet and Dry are two different factors which you should consider while buying an Electric Shaver. For the ultimate and easy shaving, Dry Shavers are perfect. They come with easy cleaning and fast processing, you can shave off your face in just five minutes using the Dry Shaver.

Some Electric Shaves can also be used on the Wet face. You can also use the Wet Electric Shaver with Shaving Gel or Shaving Foam just like a traditional shaving method. You can also bring this type of shavers in the shower. However, the Wet Electric Shavers are not efficient as they require extra care while working with the water or any other liquid material such as gel or foam.

Charging Capacity

When it comes to power-in, the Electric Shavers come with a number of options. You can go with the powered, rechargeable or battery powered Electric Shavers. As per your convenience, you can choose the right Electric Shaver for you.

Most people love to go with the Electric Shavers with rechargeable power. Rechargeable Chargers re ideal for travelers and all the other people. With this type of Shavers, you can shave off anywhere at any time as it doesn’t require any other power source. You can recharge the battery of the shaver anytime and can work with the shaver remotely.

There are numerous battery-powered or we can say, rechargeable Electric Shavers available in the market. You can choose the suitable one from the available options as per your basic requirements.

Cleaning Process

We all know how easy to shave off our face using Electric Shavers; however, we don’t know how hard to clean up the Shaver after the use. You should also focus on the cleaning method of the Electric Shaver. Know how easy to clean the shaver after its use.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions and other guidelines which are available on the product’s package. You should also discuss about the routine cleaning and maintenance methods of the shavers with the supplier.

In this modern world, most Electric Shavers come with an easy to clean interface. You can simply remove the components and clean up the shaver in just a couple of minutes. They come with a hassle-free way to keep it clean for the future use.


At last, you need to check the price tag for the Electric Shaver that you have selected from the available options. To seal the deal at an affordable price, you can compare their pricing on various e-Commerce websites.

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