Obviously you want your deck to last long at the same time it should look great. To get the sturdy deck, you need to fit in the right materials that can give you your desired deck. Even if you want to replace your deck or repair it, you will go for study material.

What happens is that your deck tends to look worn after some time. It goes to the extent that they get rotten down and get damaged soon. It is only the result of the low and fallacious material that are used in making the deck. If You have correct knowledge of materials used in the deck, you can have it the way you want it.

This article will cover all the material used in the deck and having the knowledge of them will help you make the decision better. We will also cover the pros and cons of each material in this article.

Types of decking materials

In this market there are many kinds of decking materials and each of them has some pros and cons. You have to consider many factors before making any final buying decision.

Natural woods

If you don’t want to have the chemically-processed lumber, then you can go for natural woods. Many of the woods have oils and tannis that make them resistant to bug and rot. Also tropical woods can offer resistance to rot and bugs. Cedar deck care offers you a wide variety of the natural woods that will force you to buy it.

You need to consider well while buying woods, as some of them need power washing from time to time. Each of the woods has different maintenance needs and their prices can vary differently.

Pressure treated lumber

They are made of natural woods however they are made using lots of chemicals. This is done to make them resistant to the bugs. They are affordable to acquire. Keep in mind that they need maintenance from time to time. It is also seen that they can start cracking and  damaging over time. Those who want to have natural living are recommended to avoid the decking materials made with chemicals.


It is made of polyethylene. It is recyclable plastic. However, plastic has more durability. As it tends not to rot and decay. It is resistant to bugs. It is very light in weight. It is somewhere different from the natural beauty of the wood. Those who like the aesthetic, they can opt for this plastic material.


Composite deck materials are made from the wood fibre and plastic. You don’t need to make changes in it, however you can paint it to give it a unique look. It also lasts longer than everything else. It is resistant to rot and bugs. To some of the people, it can look artificial. If you want to have the natural look then it is not for you. However it can become mend and get worn over the period of time. It has neither high or now too pricing. It can come at the mid range pricing.


It is one of the strongest materials. If you are someone who does not want to hustle with everyday repairs, you must go for aluminum. It is known for durability. One of the best advantages of it is that it never gets rotten and bugs. It will also now crack. You might get bored seeing them but you never see them cracking.

It offers a con; it has the highest pricing. If you have a deep pocket, you can go for it without any thought.

Final words

As you have seen in the article, there are many types of the deck in the market. You might find it confusing as to which one to choose from.  However, you have to see your budget, maintenance cost and frequency, your interest. All these factors should combine to help you to make the decision. If you are someone who does not want to have any hustle, it might be better for you to go with a deck that needs one time fitting and last longer.


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