It’s no secret, pets are increasingly becoming vital components in human life. In the United States alone, almost every household has a pet. Among the best pets are bearded dragons. They are not only docile but also easy to care for. So, if you are planning to bring in a bearded dragon as your next pet, you are headed for the best. But wait, not all bearded dragons are good pets. There are different bearded dragon species out there. Plus, traits such as size, genetics, as well as color excite breeders and exhibitors alike. However, things like heath as well as a personality should shape your bearded dragon searching decision. On these lines, here are ways to spot the best-bearded dragon as your pet.

Healthy Dragons

Heath matters when it comes to purchasing your bearded dragons. Look for things like alertness, clear eyes, funders, and general clines. Remember, bearded dragons tend to spread parasites quickly. So, bring a bearded dragon that’s clean and free of parasites. Stay away from depressed bearded dragons or those with listless posture. Check out to learn more.

Choose Aggressive Feeders

Look for bearded dragons that eat aggressively. Those that eat well will have overall good health. Observe to see how they catch the insects. An aggressive bearded dragon feeder will quickly notice insects around and hunt them. Moreover, Reptile Street can be a great source of guidance if you are planning to bring a pet dragon home.

Purchase from the Breeder

Get your bearded dragons directly from a breeder. Avoid those from multiple facilities. Bearded dragons from breeders are likely to grow healthy and thrive than their counterparts from multiple facilities. Remember, there are parasites in these facilities. So, getting your pet from the breeder makes more sense than from other sources.

Choose Juveniles

If you are a new breeder, don’t for bearded dragons who are below 4 weeks of age or six inches long. These juveniles require delicate care. At the same time, don’t go for large bearded dragons. They can be intimidating. So, consider selecting a healthy bearded dragon of about 8-12 inches long. They are the best when it comes to first-time keepers. Remember, you have kids at home. Bringing them a giant bearded dragon can be intimidating to them.

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Choose a Good Color

Designer bearded dragons can be expensive. The designer highlight color and doesn’t reflect their color when they become adults. That’s why they are sold based on projected colors. Of course, you can go for red. However, going for bearded dragons featuring less color is the most advisable thing to do. However, it depends on the color you like. They come in different colors. From, red to white, you won’t miss a bearded dragon color that suits your needs.

The Bottom-Line

Bearded dragons are dominating the pet market industry. More and more people are turning to bearded dragons as pets. Easy to care, these reptiles can make good pets and give you that comfort you need at home. However, you need to get it right with your choice. Let the above tips and tricks guide you in choosing your next pet. Good luck!

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