Looking to find a pair of headphones that can connect with your tablet seamlessly? Whether you are using your tablet for business or personal using the right set of headphones goes a long way.

Considerations Choosing Headphones for your Tablet

Earbuds vs headphones

In this post I am going to walk you through different options and there up and downs and briefly what goes into the working of a set of headphones. This will hopefully make it easier for you to figure out what headphones are best for you and your tablet. If you need more information not found in this post check out https://headphonecomparison.com/ for more information on headphones.

Earbuds vs headphones

Firstly we need to know the difference between the two. Earbuds do not usually block off the entire ear canal and are usually a bit worse off with audio quality however they are extremely compact for those on the go. If you feel this is not for you then you can go with the over the head headphones. These headphones usually give you more of a stereo surround sound feeling than the earbuds and they have a lot of cushioning with a secure fit.

Both these headphones can be wired or wireless….

Wired vs. wireless

These days thanks to Apple innovation on getting rid of the use of the headphone jack. Headphone companies have the choice of producing wireless headphones via bluetooth. Now with wireless headphones this requires battery power. The unfortunate thing about battery power is that if you are requiring the use of your headphones over a long period of time you may want to use wired headphones. In saying this most wireless headphones come with wires so you can have the option of using them wired or using them wireless.

 Despite the dramatic improvements in bluetooth technology it is still based on a codec system whereby direct wire is not. This therefore can quite substantially improve the quality of sound coming through. If you feel wireless is the way you want to go before purchasing you should keep a close eye on what codecs your device supports. Android devices will often use a system called ‘APTX’ whereas apple devices use ‘AAC’. if your device whether it be apple or android does not support your headphones it will automatically delivert back to the ‘SBC’ codec which absolutely all bluetooth devices support.

Headphone drivers

Firstly, what is a headphone driver? Headphone drivers are the most important part of a headphone. The driver is the part of the headphone that changes electricity into sound, essentially the main part of a headphone.

 There are two types of headphone drivers; dynamic drivers and ametuer headphone drivers. Now dynamic headphone drivers are bigger so therefore allowing for the sound effect to be felt more such as the bass effect being more intense. In saying this however with the ametuer drivers being much smaller they can fit into smaller spaces and be more portable than the latter. So again the choice of what headphone you want for your tablet comes down to what you will be using your tablet for!!!

Noise cancellation

If you are wondering what noise cancellation is simply put it is the noise you can hear in the background whilst using your headphones. Some people prefer it if they can hear what’s going on in the background. For instance maybe you are the one that likes to listen to your headphones and at the same time converse with your friends around you or it’s that you use your headphones while on the go in a vehicle and need to hear your surroundings to be safe while driving. On the other hand you receive a lot of important phone calls that require clarity between lines with no outside distraction.

Fortunately these days it is possible to find affordable headphones with great ‘Active Noise Cancelation’ previously though, this was only found in the most expensive headphones. The leader in this field past and present is ‘Bose’, so if noise cancelation is what you are looking for then be sure to check out the active noise cancellation when shopping around.

With all this being said hopefully the different styles of headphones i have laid out will give you a clearer picture on how to move ahead with your choice. Remember to take into consideration what you will be using your headphones for whether it be for business purposes or for personal use. Think about the noise cancellation abilities, how compact you want your headphones to be , is it more convenient for you to have wireless or do you need that little bit extra clarity so wired is your choice.

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