Hunting is man’s oldest profession and perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends. There are plenty of canvas hunting tents out there, and it can get a bit overwhelming to search through all the websites and find a good product that can withstand years of use.

Are you in search of a tent that serves as the base of operations while pursuing a deer or elk in the high mountains? There are certain qualities that you should look for in a tent to make the most of your hunting adventure. After all, you might yourself in harsh conditions – heavy rain, chilly winds, freezing temperatures and even snow.

Investing in a quality hunting tent is one decision you won’t regret. Look for one that can save you from rain as well like rain tent. But how do you find the best hunting tent for your next adventure?

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Qualities to Look for in the Best Hunting Tents

If hunting is your favorite sport or you have hunted your entire life, you will undoubtedly know how crucial it is to invest in a quality hunting tent. This post will help you find the right tent for your expedition – your home away from home.

1. Seasonality

It is essential to consider the area and season you will be hunting.

If your hunting site is known for hot summers, you would want to look for a tent that has better ventilation. Summer tents do have some sort of moisture protection, and some manufacturers are pretty creative with the materials used to keep your shelter from absorbing moisture and molding. You can buy a summer hunting tent made from specialty canvas and polyester.

If you’re going for hunting in cold weather, the tent must be suitable for fall and winter environments.

Remember that there’s a different tent for every weather. You definitely don’t want to carry a summer tent if you’re planning to camp in the snow. The three season tent can handle most weather conditions, but for real comfort, you’ll need to invest in a purpose-built weather-specific canvas according to the season.

Always keep in mind that weather conditions are highly unpredictable. Our mother nature is quite moody, and it only takes a moment to change her mind. A bright and sunny day can have the coldest night. It can start raining out of the blue. As a hunter, you need to be prepared for all odds.

Camping in the wilderness is hard, especially when the weather is unpredictable. It is crucial for a tent to be firmly attached to the ground. Tents with aluminum poles are durable and can withstand harsh climate changes. Most people end up buying fiberglass tents due to lack of knowledge which are fragile and easily breakable.  You also need to invest in high-quality rigid ropes that will assist in providing support to the poles and the material.

2. People Capacity

When it comes to housing a given number of people in a tent, never trust the labels. A tent that says it can accommodate four people can usually just do so. As an enthusiastic hunter, you’ll possibly be carrying more luggage that you would want to keep inside your tent.

For a four-person hunting group, the rule of the thumb is to carry at least a six-person hunting tent. If it’s a group of remarkably tall people, you might want to look for a bigger one. It’s not just about people but also about the things/accessories you carry along on the trip.

3. Ease of setting it up

Since one of the most time-consuming tasks on your entire trip would be setting up the tent, you need to make sure that you’re prepared to get your hands dirty. Setting up a tent, particularly some of the large ones, isn’t easy. Don’t trust the manufacturer’s instruction pamphlet; they’re created to make it look like an easy feat. Ideally, look for reviews on YouTube of real campers. You don’t want to spend hours at a stretch setting up the tent when you reach your site. Likewise, you shouldn’t need all hands to put it up, especially when most of your people are planning to stretch and explore. Know what you’re getting into before you purchase that tent.

While some tents may take minutes to set up others could take several hours. It all depends on the size of the tent. Canvas wall tents may require a lot of effort as compared to the smaller teepee tents. However, keep in mind that if you’re just 2 people camping, then you need to buy one that can comfortably accommodate 4 people. A larger size tent will have enough space for you to stretch out and store your essentials.

4. Material

When it comes to the material of your tent, there are quite a few options. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each before you invest your money in any.

For instance, canvas tents are waterproof, long-lasting, and won’t deteriorate in harsh weather conditions. However, it does become cumbersome when water is absorbed in the top sheet. On the other hand, nylon tents are waterproof and light-weight, but they’re prone to deterioration in the sun.

You also need to look for quality in tent poles, zips, rain flies, and any other attachments that come along with your tent. Research is the key to a better purchase.

5. Portability

This is possibly one of the most critical factors in deciding a tent. How big is the hunting tent bag? How heavy is it? Can it be stored and retrieved quickly from your car roof/storage compartment? Is it easy to move this tent bag from your car to the campsite? You can have severe muscle cramps if you’re not considering all this.

Moreover, if you’re planning to go hiking, can you reasonably carry the tent on your shoulders all the way? Hiking tents are typically different in both construct and purpose. Even so, considering your own strength, buy the tent that doesn’t make you look incompatible.

6. Construction

Not all products are constructed the same way. Summer tents are built for ventilation; they don’t trap dew inside the tent. Winter tents are made for insulation. For some tents, adding the rainfly doesn’t block the airflow; for some it does.

The last thing you want is to wake up and find everything inside the tent is horrifically damp. When you’re finalizing your purchase, pay particular attention to the ventilation system. It can be a total life-saver when you’re out there in the wild chasing unicorns!

A good quality tent contains an appropriate ventilation framework allowing a passageway for the air and smoke to clear. It should be backed up with a reliable air purifying system that prevents smell and smoke from accumulating inside the tent after cooking. Campaigners prefer tents with the best ventilation systems. These mostly include zip down windows or windows with mosquito repellent screens and nets.

Apart from purifying the air inside your tent, it also needs to be strong enough to withstand the sudden weather fluctuations that may cause your camping trip to turn into a disaster. Professional hunters and campaigners recommend purchasing a durable rainfly for your tent. Rainfly acts as an umbrella and the bigger the rainfly, the better. Make sure you have one that covers all the sides of your canvas rather than just the top. While rain-flies are water-proof some of the high-quality tent walls are also water-repellent.

7. Don’t Ignore the Add-ons

Your hunting tent isn’t only four walls of cloth supported on pegs. Most of the modern tents come with additional features that can make a huge difference to your outdoor experience. For instance, having two entrances to the tent ensures you’re not walking over your peers to reach your spot.

Storage pockets and having an awning are a real game changer. If, at any point, you choose to invest in additional accessories, having a dedicated space inside the tent can prove to be quite rewarding.


A good quality tent might cost you a little more than usual, but it is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. It’s vital that your tent’s floor is made up of waterproof material and should come up a few inches from the side before it is attached to the tent walls. No extra place in the walls means there is no place for the water to leak into your tent.

While the internet is flooding with vendors and retailers selling branded and good quality tents, there are high chances of you being scammed through their hands. It’s better to purchase a tent from a trusted manufacturer rather than a new manufacturer.

Before heading out on your trip, experiment with a little mystery shopping first. Compare prices and choose the one that offers great deals and quality at low prices. To make your job easier, here is what you should do to make the most of your next hunting adventure.

Remember to prioritize your camping must-haves according to your group, your destination, and general preferences. You’ll be able to make a smart purchase.

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