You are probably exited that soon your darling will ditch her diapers and join you in the bathroom. But one big challenge knocks in, how do you train her to transition from diapers to potty fast enough? Potty training is a milestone that your child should pass fast enough in her development. If done well, you will notice soon that you are changing fewer wet diapers.

In the process of potty training, it’s not easy to rule out accidents because she’s not yet perfect in this game. For that reason, you want to look for a good and helpful potty training seat for the toddler. This is actually the first thing to consider when your toddler is approaching two years.

This brief shares some helpful tips with you on how to select the best potty training seat for the toddler.

Types of potty seats available for your baby

Before you even think of other tips, you should be well versed with the different types of potty seats for the toddlers. You can choose between seat reducer and standalone potty based on your preferences.

For parents that don’t want the toddler to take the toilet for long, choose standalone potty. Its also perfect for parents that want to give the kid potty anywhere in the house.

Fit reducers are for traditional commode meaning they can reduce the ring to a comfortable seat based on the size of the toddler.  These types are perfect for families that have more than one bathroom.

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Choose secure potty seats

The safety of your toddler comes first. For that reason, you are supposed to choose a potty seat that fits well. Make sure the seat doesn’t slide or wobble under the weight of the kid. This is because it may end up making a huge impact on her confidence.

Easy to clean potty seats

The type of potty seat you are about to go for should be easy to clean. Just remember you are training your baby for potty use to save you the hustle of dumping poop and cleaning the toilet. This is an indication that you should choose a potty seat that will save you the cleaning time. Its better to choose potty seats with no crevices and the one made from smooth material.

Check for a dial to adjust the seat to fit snugly on the toilet

This is another very important feature to look for. The seat should be firmly fitted on the toilet. This ensures a super secure fit, which means the kid will have more confidence to use the toilet.

Comfortable potty seats

The potty seat you are about to go for should be comfortable. This leaves you with two options, the plastic and cushioned potty seats.  If the toddler is way too uncomfortable on the plastic potty seat, you can choose cushioned potty seat. One major issue with cushioned seats is that they may need more time to clean. You may be forced to remove the cushion and clean it separately each time.

Perfectly sized potty seats

The potty seat you are about to go for should be perfectly sized for your toddler. It is very imperative to watch the overall size of your child before you assume a regular seat will be perfect for him/her. In fact most parents end up getting too small potty. In such a case, the toddler’s bottom can scrape on the regular seat and make her uncomfortable. In the case the seat is too big, the kid will also not be properly supported.

Consider back support

Sometimes it’s good to consider potty seats with back support. This ensures the kid is well supported and will not feel uncomfortable in  case they stay on the toilet for long.

What type of potty training seat is best?

The best potty training seat overall depends on your specific preferences and the needs of the child. This means you will have to spare more time determining the specific features you need on the seat. Though, you should make sure its not slippery and is perfectly comfortable for the toddler. The potty seat should also be removable and if possible easy to clean and fit back.


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