If you have bought one of the best TV for your home, why not the best sound system. Most of the Latest TVs have big screens, but they don’t have a good audio system. You have to manage a separate sound system if you want to enjoy movies and dramas.

Getting soundbars is the ideal way to upgrade your home audio system. But choosing the best one is a complicated task. There are various soundbars available in the market that vary greatly in their features.

Don’t worry too much if you are on your way to buy the best soundbars for your home. Read this article till the end to learn about choosing the best soundbars for your home audio system.

Soundbar Buying Guide

Though buying the best soundbar is not an easy task, but we can guide you on this journey. Here are the most important features you should check while buying a soundbar.

Size Of Soundbar

Soundbars have a wide range of sizes and shapes. When it comes to choosing its size, you need one whose size is similar to the width of your TV. You can also get the one that is a little smaller or a little bigger than your TV. But remember, it should not be too big or too small as compared to the width of the TV.

For instance, if your 55 inches TV has a width of 47.8 inches, the recommended size for the soundbar is 40 to 50 inches.


The latest soundbars have a variety of connectivity options. You can also find the one that has more than one type of connectivity options.


Some soundbars can be plugged with the TV via HDMI cables. It’s too easy. Just plug it in the ARC port of your TV,  and everything set. It does not have any complicated connections.

  • Wireless Connectivity

If you don’t like the wiring mess, you can go with the soundbars that offer wireless connectivity. Soundbars with built-in Bluetooth or WiFi are easy to install and can be connected to smartphones and tablets.

You can also look for soundbars that support Digital Audio Input or Streaming services.

Number Of Channels

It is necessary to consider the number of channels while buying a soundbar. You can get 2-channeled, 3-channeled, 5-channeled, or even 7-channeled soundbars. Channels are like the sound source. So, a 2-channeled soundbar is equivalent to 2 speakers. 3-channeled soundbar to 3, 5-channeled to 5 speakers.

Though two channeled soundbar works well, it is better to choose one with 3 or more channels. An increased number of channels provide better quality audio with better volume. You can experience much better audio and music with a multi-channeled soundbar. If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a surround system, you can go with a multi-channeled soundbar. It will work just like a surround system and enhance the audio.

Active And Passive Soundbars

Passive Soundbars don’t have a built-in amplifier. You have to buy the amplifier or a receiver separately and cost you a lot. This type of soundbars also requires subwoofer connections for better bass. You have to connect more components with a passive soundbar. But passive soundbars provide you better audio as compared to active soundbars.

Active Soundbars have a built-in amplifier to power everything in the soundbar. You don’t have to plug a separate receiver or amplifier for this. It is free from wiring mess, and you don’t have to make complicated connections.

In light of the above features, active soundbars are more recommended, especially if you have less space.

Front Display Panel

Whenever you go for buying a soundbar, choose one that has a front display panel. With this feature, you can listen to your music without turning ON your TV. Try to get the one that allows you to dim the brightness and turn off the display when required.

Supporting The Speakers

Soundbars are getting slimmer and slimmer day by day. But being slimmer is not a good feature for audio quality. You have to install extra speakers or subwoofers to improve the sound system.

Some soundbars support extra speakers. You can connect the speakers via wired or wireless connections. Some soundbars support only a subwoofer, while others can connect to a surround system. You can improve the sound quality many times if you choose a soundbar that supports speakers and subwoofers.

Buying From an Authorized Dealer

Remember to buy your soundbar from an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer not only provides you the manufacturer’s warranty, but you also get service and support. It ensures that your device will last for a considerable period.

If you do not want to spend more on a soundbar, still you can grab a soundbar under 1000, which seems highly affordable for audio enthusiasts who cannot compromise on the sound quality. For more information, you can check out this list: https://speakershunter.com/best-soundbars-under-1000/

Where You Want To Place The Soundbar?

Where you have to place your soundbar depends on the space your TV occupies. Soundbars are slim and are easy to install in your home. Soundbars can be hung from the wall and placed beneath or in front of your TV. 

If you have placed your TV on a table, place your soundbar with it. On the other hand, if you have a wall-mounted TV, mount the soundbar exactly below it. Some soundbars also come with a mounting kit that makes it easy to mount it on the wall. So, keep in mind the location of your TV while buying your soundbar.

Control Of The Soundbar

Controlling the soundbar is a simple task. You can use the separate remote of the soundbar for controlling it. You can also program your TV remote to work for controlling your soundbar. So, you can use a separate remote as well as your TV remote for controlling your soundbar according to your desire.

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Final Words

AAnother thing to remember while buying a soundbar is your budget. Don’t run after expensive soundbars. Most of the costly soundbars have exceptional features that are not necessary for your home audio system. Just choose the one according to your budget.

Keep the above things in mind whenever you go for buying a soundbar, so you could choose the best one that suits your home audio system. Get a perfect soundbar for your home and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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