Many types of light bulbs are available on the market. They differ in brand, size, price, and features. Choosing to buy lighting products that are worth your money is your right as a consumer. When looking for the ideal bulb for your home, there are many types of lighting fixtures to choose from. That is why you need to be familiar with different kinds of bulbs and their corresponding features.

Different types of lighting that are suitable for your home

  • General or ambient lights. Ambient lights are the most common bulbs that we see in most homes. This type of lamp is known to provide natural lighting in any room. You may consider using this type of bulb in chandeliers and track lighting. Most homeowners prefer to use ambient lights in their living and dining room.
  • Task lights. This type of lighting is ideally useful in study areas, a home office, a garage, above the kitchen sink and countertops making it easier for you to see and focus on what you are doing. Task lights are brighter than ambient lights and also protect your eyes from getting strained if you spend long hours staring at your computer.
  • Accent lights. This type of lightning is meant to emphasise a specific area of your home. Bulbs like GU10 LED lights are mostly used to highlight paintings and other types of artwork to provide emphasis to their natural beauty. You may also add a couple of accent lights in your porch or garden too.

Most common types of light bulb

Choosing the right kind of bulb for your house is very important to ensure your comfort and security. Here are the different types of light bulbs and their corresponding characteristics.

  • Incandescent bulb. This bulb is the most common type of lightning that most people are aware of because of its existence in the market for quite some time. This type of lamp is known for its warm and yet yellow bright light. One of the main downsides of using an incandescent bulb is that it consumes more electricity as compared to other bulbs.
  • CFL bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are one of the most usual bulbs that you will find in most residential and commercial buildings. One of the main features of CFL lighting is that it consumes a lot less electricity compared to incandescent lamps. You can save as much as 50% on your electricity bills which is ideal for those looking for budget-friendly alternatives. CFL lamps are also eco-friendly and non-toxic because they do not have any mercury content.
  • LED Lamps. LED lamps are popular because of their efficiency. One LED light can last two times longer compared to CFL lamps. LED bulbs have greatly improved as the years have passed by, and they are used for either ambient, task or accent lighting.

Choosing the best lighting is essential for highlighting the beauty of your house and conserving energy.


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