CRO involves the designing and modification of a web page to ensure that leads, or visitors, are converted into customers whilst exploring a business’ site. CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is a crucial aspect of both digital marketing and simply ensuring that your users are having the best experience possible on your online platform. It is essential for business growth, branding and consumer loyalty – not something to be taken lightly. Many agencies offer CRO as a bit of an add on, without actually understanding or respecting the ins and outs of the process. Use these tips to navigate the market and find a CRO agency that delivers…

Look at their client history

A client portfolio will always be important, no matter what the nature of marketing strategy it is that you’re searching for. A reputable agency will have their client history and a few case studies noted on their website, if not, then you have every right to ask for a few examples directly. These past and present clients should give you an understanding of what kind of work your prospective agency is able to deliver. You can even reach out to a few previous clients to gain insight if you really want an honest opinion.

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Explore industry experience

You’ll need to have an agency on your side that understands your industry! It’s no good going with a team that has zero experience in your field, even if their CRO is impressive. Why? Because they simply won’t have the backlog of knowledge to effectively optimise your site for your demographic’s experience. If you don’t spy relevant client experience in their repertoire, inquire as to whether any professionals on their optimisation team have expertise in your area.

Ask about preferred tools and strategies

Every agency has its preferred tools and platforms, and although this might not be your particular area of interest, you should be asking as to what they are. These can make a big difference to all of their services including optimisation, design and copy – all pretty essential when it comes to CRO. Ask about the tools, strategy and platforms that they use and do some light research on them.

Qualitative and quantitative insights and recommendations should be available

Yes, CRO is a lot to do with analytics and numbers, no, that’s not all that there is to it. Of course, keeping up with conversion rate optimization involves tracking the (you guessed it) rate of converted customers, but it’s not just a quantitative numbers game. A great CRO marketing team will have the sensitivity and insight to be able to advise on the qualitative side of things too, this means factors such as usability, style and the impact of your copy.  

Transparency, honesty and concise expectations are instated from the very beginning

This is hugely important for a successful professional relationship, and for effective CRO. Your agency of choice should be able to deliver clear insight, honest opinions and informed expectations from the get-go. It’s very easy to promise the world in marketing, and it’s vital that you spot the difference between the talk and the walk. A well thought out strategy and pure transparency from the first conversation is a sign that you’re on the right track.

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A varied, talented and personable team is key

The right agency will have all the tools needed to convert site visitors to customers, and they’ll make them fully available to you. Openness and personality really are vital to a sustained partnership, too many agencies will simply take, promise, and put accounts on the backburner. Be sure that you know who is doing the work and what they’re doing so you can feel confident both in the process and the results down the line! By following these tips, you can be sure that the conversion rate optimization agency that you choose will be the right one for you.


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