Introduction of obstacle racing

This kind of exercise is characterized by special hurdles posed in the running court under severe conditions so that runners could not be harmed. The obstacles are placed in regular distance of the one to the other and are only medium elevated so that you can easily jump over them when running.

This type of racing has been an official Olympic game that is included in every organization for decades now. Runners are well aware of it and always looking for this special type of training that is harder than anything else.

That is why the right selection of shoes for obstacle course training is extremely important for the well being of the athletes as well as for their performance rates. People who are involved in the running are saying that only with the right type of spartan shoes you are supposed to control yourself when jumping over the obstacles and stay intact at the end of the court.

Kind of shoes that are compatible with obstacle racing

First, we need to examine the running shoes. This type of footwear is well known among the runners for their efficiency as well the energy saving profile. These OCR shoes are lighter than any other kind of footwear and include special safety features to keep you sound when passing over the obstacles.

They are waterproof especially on the external parts of the shoes to keep the water from getting inside and reduce your speed or provoke feelings of discomfort during the race. You need to be 100% concentrated to the obstacles when running and keep your internal pace. So your shoes need to reduce all the external abstractions and make you focus to your primary goal which is to win the obstacle racing.

Additionally, running shoes are the only kind of shoes that have a highly sophisticated outsole with special rubber alloy consistence being flexible and durable at the same time. Not to mention, that the outsole is always equipped with special lugs to give you more traction and speed. It can also increase your stability when passing over the obstacles and this is a feature widely appreciated by runners.

Finally, running shoes are having special lacing systems to be impact free. That means impacts happening when returning to the ground after obstacle jumping are not threatening the integrity of your shoes. Laces are replaced by special rubber bands that embrace your foot arches and reach the ankle area. This helps you have your shoes attached to your feet no matter how harsh the impact with the ground or even the obstacle may be.

Shoes you should not prefer to choose

You have to be very cautious and keep away of sandals and rockers when you are choosing the right obstacle racing shoes. This type of footwear doesn’t provide any protection to your footbed. On the contrary, it keeps your heels bare to the air and there is a high chance you get your feet severely injured in case you are wearing sandals to perform obstacle racing.

Moreover, the basketball shoes even though they are flexible they cannot be used for obstacle racing. This is because they all have heavier soles and higher mesh that sometimes is inhibiting the foot to bend normally. This procedure is crucial for obstacle jumping and you should always be willing to chance shoes to set yourself health and sound.

Finally, the high heels are automatically excluded from obstacle racing. This is because they suppress the foot curve and leave less room for the toe finger to move. You are going to have balance issues when jumping over the obstacles and even get injured after the initial impacts with the ground.


There is much to be said for obstacle racing. The most important part of it is the right footwear equipment that can guarantee that you can easily win the race. You should always opt out for shoes that are lightweight, have low profile and special aerodynamic shape.

This kind of shoes are the best to give you all the energy you need to overpass the obstacles. Keep healthy and live strong. Buy the best shoes for obstacle jumping.


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