Coming back home from a hectic day on a wintery evening requires you to take a nice and long warm bath. But the entire mood is going to be in vain when your chosen water heater doesn’t work at the right time or temperature. 

So, it’s best to choose the water heater that fits your family’s bathing needs, moods, temperature, electricity efficiency, and other similar factors. To clarify any further doubts, consider the buying tips narrated swiftly below.

Buying Tips To Choose & Buy The Right Water Heater For Your House:

Know and check the type of water heater you need:

Be informed that there are multiple water heaters available in the market. The most sold water heaters are put into four broad categories. These are instant water heaters, gas water heaters, immersion water heaters, and storage water heaters. 

Instant water heaters, as the name suggests, work within seconds. 

Gas water heaters work on the existing LPG gas instead of consuming electricity to run hot water in the house. That too is on demand. So, gas heaters are also almost instant to provide you with hot water. 

Immersion water heaters are small, cost-friendly, and fit the hot water needs for a one- or two-person family. Whereas, storage water heaters use a tank to prepare the hot water before your need arises. 

Cross-check the maintenance, installation, and buying cost:

Don’t blindly purchase any water heater without knowing the installation, maintenance, and other upkeep charges. You need to maintain your budget and make use of the water heater efficiency schemes available to you. 

So, check the chosen water heater’s warranty period, installation service providers in town/city, and other extra benefits. 

Plus, you ensure that the water heater you are purchasing is under your monthly or yearly budget. Don’t just purchase any fancy water heater which you won’t be using too much.

On the flip side, don’t get too ahead of yourself by purchasing a cheaper water heater that doesn’t even heat the water instantly in the first place. 

Verify if the chosen water heater is energy efficient or not:

We already know how our mother Earth is suffering because of global warming and climate change. You don’t want to exercise more burden on these sensitive environmental situations. 

Therefore, buy that water heater which promises to consume way less electricity. This way, you will be contributing your bit to the betterment of the environment as a responsible citizen of the country. 

Moreover, if the water heater consumes less electricity, you won’t repeatedly suffer to pay hefty electricity bills every month. So, that’s a happy medium to consider in the grand scheme of things. 

Ensure whether to go for tank or tankless water heaters:

Tank water heaters are convenient because of the inner insulation process to keep the water warm for longer periods. These are usually gas and electric water heaters. These tanked water heaters also have a thermostat to control the overheating issues. 

Tankless water heaters are supremely energy-efficient and are sources of an endless supply of warm water

These heaters don’t store any warm water because they are obviously tankless. Rather, these water heaters provide you warm water on the spot, or at a lesser time, especially when required. 

Browse the various water heater designs and sizes available:

Not every water heater would suit your bathrooms or kitchen. Check the area in your house first where you need to install the water heater. Match the same with the measurements you find associated with the chosen water heater. 

Besides measurements, also note the appearance or pattern. This is a point when you don’t want to end up with a weird-looking and functional water heater. 

Consider this scenario: there might be high-tech water heaters available on sale online. But you need a standardized one. Then you should choose the one with minimum extra features. This way, the entire electricity consumption focus will be on heating the water. 

Check the water heating capacity:

If you’re living alone, go for smaller and compact water heaters. But if you are a family of 4 members or more, you would obviously need a bigger water heater. So, check water heating capacity accordingly as per the size of your family and be a smart shopper. 

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