Cleaning various house items such as rugs and carpets require some extra care. They are always subject to the accumulation of dirt and stains caused by the spillage of food and drinks.

There are a few ways on how to wash shag carpet conserving its beauty and durability and keep your home presentable. We recommend carpet cleaners in Calgary and Edmonton for this type of domestic services.

This service must be done with care so as not to damage the fabric.

1.Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The first step in cleaning the shag carpet is to apply the vacuum cleaner to its full length. Thus, the most superficial dirt, dust and other solids that may be between the fibers are removed.

It is a procedure that should not be done just before washing, but also in the routine cleaning of the house. That way, you prevent dust from accumulating to the point of causing allergies and breathing problems in your family.

2. Dry Clean with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a product widely used in various cleanings in the home, such as rugs, carpets and mattresses. It is ideal for removing the coarse dirt that enters the fibers of the fabrics.

Cleaning shaggy carpets with baking soda is very easy, economical and avoids making a mess in your room during cleaning.

Sprinkle the baking soda all over the shag rug and let it sit for a few minutes. This material will “grab” the dirt that is between the fibers and is more difficult to remove. After this time, vacuum the carpet to remove the bicarbonate and dirt that will come with it.

3. Remove Stains with White Vinegar, Liquid Soap, Water and Alcohol

It is very common for stains to appear on the shag carpet, either because of the dirt that accumulates or caused by foods and drinks that spill frequently on it.

To remove these stains, there are some products easily found at home that can remove them. Thus, you renew the look of the shag rug without damaging it.

Vinegar is great for sanitizing, as it cleans and complements germs. Mix a portion of vinegar and an equal amount of water and spray over the stain. Brush carefully or wipe with a cloth to prevent further wear if you see that the stain is coming off.

4. Brush the Carpet in the Correct Direction

A concern that must be taken when washing shaggy carpet is the use of the brush. Its application cannot be done in any way, as it can break part of the fabric, especially if it is more delicate.

Thus, when cleaning the carpet, apply the brush in the direction of the fiber, not the other way around, as this damages the fabric and can open a hole in the surface of your carpet.

5. Request Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you do not want to take the risk of trying to do a shaggy carpet cleaning or duct cleaning on your own, a professional cleaning company is recommended. Thus, when hiring a specialized company, you will have the certainty that the products applied are suitable for this type of fabric.


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