Merch is any product with an exclusive design and brand symbols. The Merch Production helps both large and small companies to develop. High-quality merch allows the brand to attract new customers and get additional income. It can be a good method of promotion for your brand. 

There are some tips on how to create a merch that is worth buying:

  1. It should be functional and useful for a client.
  2. It should be recognizable so that when looking at the product, the buyer immediately remembers your company.
  3. It should be stylish and contain some elements of design.
  4. Sometimes, if the company’s principles allow it you can add some humor to the merch.
  5. Merch may be not only seasonal, but also related to any event or activity.

There are companies that help brands create their own merch. For example, Club Debut is a platform that provides a full set of creative services for business development. The platform consists of creative professionals, including fashion designers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, animators, cinematographers, content producers, musical talents, visual artists, performers and others. Furthermore, Club Debut has its own manufacturing center, which allows you to manufacture a collection based on customer preferences. The company works with many designers and artists who are interested in creating products for brands. 

Club Debut offers custom Merch solutions in two forms:

Physical Merch is a unique product of your brand. Club Debut is ready to create samples and prototypes of merch for you with a low minimum order quantity threshold and quick production timeline. 

Digital Merch helps your brand communicate with its target audience around the world. We are ready to create digital merch, for example, NFT.

In addition, Club Debut offers other services for the development of your business, including:

  • Business services
  • Creative services
  • Production services
  • Marketing services
  • E-commerce and retail services
  • Technology Services (Web2 and Web3)
  • Business resources (including recommendations)

Merch development and distribution is an effective solution for your business. Schedule a free consultation with Club Debut and get access to various resources, programs, special events, opportunities for professional development and a creative community. We will help you develop your brand and business!

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