What ringtone do you have on your smartphone? Do you have a personal ringtone or is your ringtone a standard one that comes with the device? If you’re still stuck using the same old ringtone that every Android user has on their phone, then it might be time to start looking into a new one!

Ringtones today can be anything that you can think of from your favorite song to your favorite phrase or saying. You can even catch some people’s phones going off saying things such as, “pick up the phone,” or, “your phone’s ringing.”

If you’re wanting to give a personal ringtone a try, then you’ll be happy to hear that creating your own custom ringtones is easy! Continue reading below for everything you need to know about creating custom ringtones for your Android!

Create a List of Favorite Ringtones

Before you can add your favorite personal ringtones to your phone you’ll need to create a list of favorite ringtones to put on your phone. The best ringtones are ones that have some type of meaning to you. Sure, a ringtone that yells, “your husband is calling” might be neat, but if you don’t have a husband, then you probably won’t find interest in it.

Some cool options are classic songs or tunes that date back to your childhood. You might consider a favorite theme song or something similar. Once you know what ringtones you want to use, you can then move on to the next step.

Access Your Phone’s Settings

You’ll need to access your phone’s settings and give the right permissions. To do so, go into your phone’s settings and click on App Permissions, then go to Storage. You’ll then need to click on the setting for contacts.

Once you do this, you’ll be able to choose a ringtone that’s not from your phone’s default ringtones. Whether you save audio files to your phone using an app or by inserting a drive and saving it to your storage, you’ll now be able to set them as your ringtone.

Use an MP3 Cut From the Web

There are several different ways to cut an MP3 file, but doing so on the web might be a bit easier for some users. When cutting the files on the web, you also have a few ways of doing so to choose from. Use any online audio cutter that you like best to get the job done.

Once you cut the audio file to the exact frame that you want to play when your phone rings, you can then save it as an MP3 file on your computer. After saving the files on your computer, you can transfer it to your phone using The Cloud or by using a USB cable.

Transfer Files to Your Phone

When transferring files to your phone from the computer, it might be easiest to use a USB cable. Take the USB cord that came with your phone’s charger and plug it into your computer with your phone attached as well. Once you plug your phone into the computer using the USB, you should receive a notification on your phone.

Click on this notification and then select the “Transfer Files” option. Now, open the files setting on your computer or use the search tool to search for files. You’ll then want to select the option where it shows your device is connected.

If using windows, this will be “This PC.” You’ll now have access to your Andriod device’s internal storage. Click on, “Ringtones.” Copy all audio files that you want to use on your phone as ringtones.

Once you copy these audio files into the “Ringtones” folder, you’ll then have access to them through your phone’s settings.

Use Google Play

Using Google Play to download different ringtone options for your phone is simple and efficient. Search for ringtones in Google Play and start exploring. There are plenty of free ringtone apps that you can download.

However, not all ringtone apps are made the same so it might take some patience to find something that you like. Depending on the app you use, you could have access to thousands, if not more, ringtones for your phone. Many of these apps also allow you to customize which contacts have which ringtones.

Another plus is that many of these apps also come with fun wallpapers or phone themes to use as well.

Use Ringtone Creator on Your Phone

To get the full customized experience, consider using a ringtone creator on your phone. You can download ringtone creators or makers on your phone to make selecting and editing ringtones a breeze! After downloading a ringtone creator app, it’ll detect all MP3 files on your device.

You can then select the MP3 files that you want to edit and customize them with your own preferences. Once done editing, you can save the file under the name of your choice. You’ll then be able to use this file as a ringtone, alarm, notification tone, or music.

Again, not all ringtone creator apps are made the same, so it might take some time to find one that works best for you. However, once you do find one that you like, it’ll be well worth your time and effort.

What’s Your Favorite Personal Ringtone?

Do you have a favorite personal ringtone? Which contacts do you have it set under? Be sure to keep this guide close by when creating your own custom ringtones for the best experience possible! For more guides and helpful topics, be sure to visit us on a daily basis!

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