Whether it is a hair transplant in Istanbul or anywhere else in the world, it is important to give yourself appropriate care and take the correct measures in the assurance of adequate recovery. If you bear in mind the following stages following your hair transplant and heed this advice, you should recover optimally.

One Day After Surgery

One day following your surgery you may well be able to return to work, assuming your job does not entail physical activity. As you will be just beginning to heal, you will require to apply special ointment to aid in the healing process. From day one through to the first couple of weeks, you should also refrain from heavy sun exposure and should not use your own usual hair care products.

Two Weeks After Surgery

At this stage, you may notice that the short hair shafts that were transplanted begin to shed. This is entirely normal and is part of the hair growth cycle. Although they are shedding do not be alarmed, this follicle grafts are still healthy. Hair will begin to grow from these follicles after a dormancy period in 4 – 5 months.

One Month After Surgery

One month following your hair transplant procedure, you will not be able to tell the difference between your own native hair and the transplanted areas. From here you are able to return to normal activities such as exercise and will even be able to go swimming. Transplanted hairs may continue to shed, but do not be alarmed, this is still a normal part of the process. Ask your physician if your progress is indicative that you can begin using your own hair care products at this stage before you do so.

Three Months After Surgery

It is not uncommon for small pimples to appear where the follicles have been transplanted. These pimples are a positive indication that the new hair shafts are working their way through the follicle to the surface. To alleviate the pimples, you may apply a warm compress. Not all patients will experience these pimples, but if you feel something is wrong, consult your doctor.

Four to Nine Months After Surgery

This is what you have been waiting for. New hair will begin to grow, with approximately 60% of your new hair becoming visible. Your new hairs will have a fine texture at first but will thicken as time goes by. Occasional pimples may be evident where hair follicles were inserted, but these should diminish on their own. If you feel uncomfortable, you can still apply a warm compress to the affected area.

One Year After Surgery

All of your new transplanted hair should be fully grown at this point. Schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor and ask any question you may have regarding the growth process. It’s highly important to follow your doctor’s guidance and communicate with them on a regular basis to guarantee you get the best results from your procedure.  


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