If you collect patches, especially military patches, it’s imperative that you preserve them. These are beautiful collector’s items that you should proudly display.

You want to also consider what you can do to preserve their quality and prevent any damage.

So what’s the best way to arrange your patch collection?

This quick guide will show you how to organize your patch collection. You’ll learn how to maintain their quality and how to best show them off to others!

Let’s start with patches on clothing:

1. Sew Them On Your Clothes

If you want to show off your patches, one great way is to sew them on your clothes. If you’re in the military, there are patches for every branch. As such, this is a great way for any veteran to show their service and achievements through military patches.

The best option is to find a heavy jacket that can hold patches. You want to choose one that has a neutral color. This can bring out the designs and colors of your patches a lot more. Make sure you find a jacket that is easy to clean so that your patches won’t get damaged easily.

2. Poster Board

If you have collectible patches, then a poster board is affordable and simple. You want to choose one that’s white or another light color. These will also bring out the designs of your patches.

If you go with this option, you want to keep your poster board in a safe area. To preserve your patches, keep the poster board behind a glass. Or you can keep it on a sturdy table so that it doesn’t fall off.

3. Bag

You can invest in a great cloth bag for displaying your patches. You can sew them on as you would with a jacket.

You want to make sure that you choose a bag that you don’t overuse. If the bag tears over time, you can lose your patches. They can also get damaged in a short span of time.

Make sure you never toss your bag on the floor. You should also look for a bag that is weather resistant.

4. Scrapbook

You can create a scrapbook where you stick your patches. Make sure you keep your scrapbook in a safe area. If you keep it on your bookshelf, you want to make sure that it isn’t squeezed between your other books.

You want to choose one that has a hardcover binding. You should keep this scrapbook in a box or case.

5. Wood

If you don’t mind hammering a nail in them, then wood is great for a patch collection display. You can buy small wood panels to stick your patches on. These wood panels can then get hung on your wall.

You can also nail your patches to a wooden table that you don’t use. This is a great way to create a “museum” display for your patch collection.

Let’s See Your Patch Collection

Now that you know how to organize and preserve your patch collection, you can choose which is the best option. Make sure that you consider which option is easiest for you so that you can maintain the quality of your patches.

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