Promoting a brand at a corporate event can be quite tricky. It takes creativity blended with smart decisions for maximum output. It becomes all the more challenging when you have to advertise your products and services at your own business event. You have to do it in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm your guests but still make an impact on them. Are you worried as to how to achieve it? Don’t worry. We have curated a list of tips which can help you promote your brand effectively at your business event. Have a look.

Go Creative With Table-Tents

A table tent is a perfect addition to the beautiful table setting of the event. It adds a sense of purpose to the event and makes the guests aware of the services provided by your company. Table tent essentially is the most effective way to put your brand out there and be the talk of the town. Make sure you make it attractive and keep it professional at the same time. There should be only limited information printed on it so that the guests are easily able to make out what the business is about and what is it that you are trying to convey. If you do not have enough time to look for materials to design your event, there are event marketing experts like the creative team from Freeman to help you create an enticing brand experience without the hassle. 

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of a Poster

You just cannot neglect the kind of effect a well-crafted poster has on people. It is one marketing tool that screams your brand name and its capabilities for everybody to hear and see. Make sure you install different sized posters at the event venue strategically; at places where most guests can easily view it. You can also go for double-sided poster printing so that you can engage more and more people through it. Various websites provide double-sided poster printing at very affordable prices; you can check them out by clicking here.

Customize Stationery Items

No business event is complete without stationery items. Along with table tents, you can place stationery items on the table. But make sure you place all the things in a way so that it is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t look untidy. You can get the brand name and logo printed on the stationery items so that it can attract the attention of your guests and make some level of an impression on them. This has varying degrees of effect on people. Because stationery items are something that your guests eventually will use at some point or the other in the event.

Present Pocket Folders as Gifts

If you do not want to invest in stationery items, you can just simply invest in pocket folders, and you are good to go. Pocket folders are quite useful and can come in handy a lot of times. Avoid going all out and instead get the brand name printed on the pocket folders subtly and elegantly. It is something that sets apart good branding from a tacky one. A Pocket folder can also act as gifts for your guests so that they have something to take away from the event. It will give them space to look up for your firm’s goods and services online and henceforth make decisions accordingly.

So let your creative juices flow and come up with some of the most innovative marketing ideas for the event.


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