With COVID 19 around, we all know that everyone should prioritize cleaning their homes, although it should not take up all your time. Cleaning your home should not depend on the time you spend; instead, it should be based on healthy habits that you must follow as a routine. Sometimes, things might get rough, and you might be unable to keep up with your daily cleaning schedule. 

But with these strategies, rest assured that you will remain at the top of cleanliness despite the COVID 19 pandemic.

Have Cleaning Supplies Near You

Your bathroom should be stocked with the essential cleaning supplies such as vinegar, a bottle spray, a toilet brush and a polishing cloth. With these items in your bathroom, you might want to make them more accessible to the entire family and what better way than by using shower benches. Well, cleaning experts would advise on having them in your bathroom given that they serve as a decoration, they provide extra storage space for bottles, offer a spot to shave your legs, and you can sit and relax on them while cleaning your bathroom. These experts would suggest the shower benches as an accessible spot to place all your bathroom cleaning supplies simply because they come in a variety of designs. The designs range from teak, bamboo, metal or plastic; and you can pick one that suits your bathroom design. Having the tools near you makes it quicker to wipe the mirror or swipe the toilet.

Make Your Bed

Some people consider making their bed to be a waste of time, and that’s not the case. Making the bed creates a massive difference in the appearance of the room, and it would only take less time. Try simplifying your bedding material to make the process a lot easier. Consider using a duvet instead of the usual top sheets during this COVID 19 period. In case you enjoy using the sheets, you can try reducing the number of pillows or use a comforter that doesn’t require tucking in.

Have a 15-minute Night-Time cleaning Routine

Try and make it a routine that the entire family spends at least 15 minutes cleaning up everything before going to bed. It would be fun considering that the whole family would be performing the same chores. To make it more exciting, have a time and ensure that everyone considers the top priorities; let the kids wash their rooms and handle tiny home chores, while you can take the dishes, fold clean clothes or even place dirty laundry in the machine. Begin with tasks that are the toughest to handle as you proceed with the simple tasks.

Perform Daily Laundry

You probably do laundry once a week, well, consider splitting the laundry into seven loads, whereby you can easily handle a load each day. Try embracing the habit of placing a load of laundry as the first thing when you wake up. In case this is hectic, put the load on the machine before you leave for work, then when you come back home, turn on the device.

Make Cleaning a Family Event

It might appear more effortless to perform all chores by yourself; however, engaging your kids in the home chores might benefit you in the long run. Teach them to clean their rooms on their own, place dirty utensils in the dishwasher and clean their shoes before setting foot in the house. You will be amazed at the significant impact that such a practice would have in your home. For a start, it might be challenging, but when the kids get used for regular cleaning as a habit, you will have the neatest home in town.


Taking some time to organize and declutter your house will eventually reduce the time you spend cleaning it. Creating a spot for all items would make it easier to clean up for the entire family. When you have fewer things on surface tops and counters, you will spend less time dusting, and it will be much quicker.

Make it a habit to leave a room with something.

Whenever you leave one room and head to another, always ensure that you take a quick scan and inspect whether there is anything that doesn’t fit. It could be some dirty utensils that need to be placed in the dishwasher or some dirty clothes that should be in the dry cleaner.

maintain cleanliness

Even after COVID 19, we would still need to maintain cleanliness. The above strategies are the best that you can implement with your family to remain on top in your entire neighborhood. Begin with one technique and slowly embrace all others.

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