Many first time exhibitors often wonder if there are any best practices to do when out on an exhibition for the first time. Though it is not that complicated, it is really easy to get it wrong and miss out on the objective of the exhibition. You should, therefore, consider the following tips to ensure you get booth success and to make the most of your event.

1. Get it right with your brand from top to bottom

During an exhibition, your brand colors and theme should be consistent all through. You should ensure that your booth is designed to be engaging and content displayed aptly and brightly to match your iconic brand theme colors. A clear example of brand exposure is Google, which always maintains its brand theme of white and scattered colors. That way, you know it is Google before you even step into their booth.

2. Show people what you do

Unless you are a major brand like Apple or Google, people may not know exactly what you do. Most start-up companies fail to inspire much-needed interest with their displays. Clearly characterized banners paired with engaging sales representatives wearing your brand colors trigger interest from genuinely interested customers.

3. Stand out from the pack

This is easier said than done. How do you stand out from an exhibition when you have never attended any? You need to execute a creative concept that lures people to your booth. By having the best exhibit booth design and the level, you plan to engage attendees to step into your booth will determine the success of your day at the exhibition.

4. Bring the fun to the exhibition

Trade shows carry the potential to be monotonous and boring. The booths are, at times, repetitive and tend to operate the same. Run the risk and play by different rules. Bring the fun to corporate in a lively way that earns you points with your potential customers. Schedule engaging events that will make attendees of the tradeshow step into your booth and try out the activities you are offering. Get creative and find ways to turn your booth into a venue or product into an engaging game.

5. Put your name on everything

Samsung and Sony are leading industry icons in their respective fields.  They still have their brand names plastered in everything and everywhere, including all their giveaways. Though these companies are easily recognizable, they do not take this for granted and still make sure you know what you are looking for when you see them. Make it easy for people to identify your company name as they walk to your booth

6. Give out something for free

When it comes to giveaways, you should be keen to give out useful items that will not end up in hotel trash cans. Consider giveaways that attendees will find useful. This can be strenuous to your limited budget, but if you can find a creative way to reach out to attendees, you can easily become an overnight sensation.


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