Removing distractions when working from home is a small but effective solution when it comes to working productively. But with so many variables also affecting productivity, the most important thing is to stay organised. In this article, we will be looking into some of the ways that you can keep on top of your work during the lockdown.

Make A To-Do List

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of your workload is to make a to-do list. This will help you to complete everything that needs to be done promptly. This can be written wither on the computer or on paper and hung up in your workspace. This will not only encourage you to work productively, but it will ensure that nothing is missed in the process.

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Maintain Communication

Communication is key when working from home as it can aid you in working productively. By implementing a working from home call plan, you can answer all your in-work phone calls from your mobile phone. These call plans not only to enable you to be productive, but it provides you with an extra line of communication with your bosses and other members of your team. This is crucial when working from home as a response over emails can be slower than in the office, thus making phone calls the most effective way to communicate.  

Be Clear On Deadlines

If you are unsure of anything when working from home, it is important to contact the client. This will mean that you are clear on deadlines and are aware of what needs to be completed as a priority. This will, therefore, help you to be as productive as possible when working from any room in your home. It is also important to be on emails and reporting systems as this will help you to ensure that you are aware of any changes of priority and can adjust the workload to match. This will aid you in the long term when it comes to working productively throughout lockdown.

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Make Sure You Take Regular Breaks

The final way to work productively when working from home is to take breaks. This is something that you would do throughout the day in the office and should be done at home. This will not only help to improve concentration, but it will benefit you in the long term as it will allow you to concentrate and work productively. This is crucial particularly if you have several tasks to complete as it allows you to complete it to the highest standard. Whether it is making a cup of tea or organising your to-do list, this can provide you with the break you need.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can stay on top of your work from home and be as productive as possible. Which of these will you be trying out for yourself the next time you sit at your desk?