To clean and re-hydrate dry skin; use gentle cleansers without harsh chemicals, for best results. Herbal extracts are helpful in cleaning pores without irritating your skin. Omega 3’s along with natural oils moisturize while you clean.

The best washes to use on your dry skin are those that are cream-based and that will aid in stimulating the growth of collagen. They will also work to replenish the moisture of your skin deep within it.

Gentle face washes help cracking or flaking skin, and formulas in a cream base will soothe your skin as they moisturize it. A cream such as Mederma has shown great results for many women of all ages.

What are some good ingredients to look for?

Gentle and re-hydrating face washes will help your flaky or dry skin. Active ingredients in dry skin face washes heal your skin and protect it from flaking and cracking. Oat proteins and Aloe will renew moisture levels by nourishing your skin as they clean.

Paraben-free washes work better for dry skin, and if they contain proteins and glycerin, they can clean away bacteria and dirt without causing your skin to dry out. Aloe will aid in soothing flaking or cracking, while it preserves the moisture level.

Some other helpful ingredients include Aloe leaf juice, citric acid, silk protein, oats,  herbal extracts, and gentle oils, according to the experts over at

How do you properly use dry skin face washes?

Use gentle cleansers to wash your face and then rinse them off with warm water. Hot water is not recommended, since it strips your skin of moisture. Patting your skin dry rather than rubbing it will also keep moisture locked inside.

What are some of the best face washes for dry skin?

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash is a cleanser that is not drying or abrasive. It will help in cleaning off make-up residue and it has a pleasant smell.

Pomegranate Facial Cleanser is very mild and has a wonderful smell. You need just a little to remove make-up. Users say that it leaves their skin smooth and clean, rather than tight.

Ponds Face Wash works for dry skin and oily skin, too. It is especially helpful during the summer months since it keeps your face from perspiring as much as it otherwise would. This helps in keeping moisture inside, where you want and need it.

Do foaming face washes work well for dry skin?

Foaming cleansers make luxurious amounts of lather, while still removing dirt and debris from your skin and pores. After you rinse, your skin will feel soft and smooth, and not tight or dry. You can use foaming washes any time of day, without worrying about flaky skin.

Olay makes a Gentle Foaming Face Wash that contains Aloe. It’s great for dry or sensitive skin. This foaming wash was tested by dermatologists, and it contains no oils or soap.

You only need a little bit to clean your whole face well, and the foam works very well at removing dirt and debris. Olay’s formula seems to work especially well on sensitive skin, and for times when you’re removing make-up. It has been recommended for women of middle age, since their dry skin may also be sensitive skin.

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