The rapid development of custom services is forcing business to seek new solutions. Ukraine software companies have gained a strong position in the IT industry. Developers use the experience of foreign partners and their own experience. And high competition among teams makes us improve our skills. The formation and improvement of a new digital experience allow us to create unique solutions for each area of ​​human life.

Ukrainian tech companies

Ukraine tech scene includes developers of various orientations. Besides to web elaboration and mobile applications, customers can count on:

  •  CMS tools for business management;
  •  Document automation and the abolition of paper documentation;
  •  Tracking all business processes in real-time;
  •  Integration of user biometric data into artificial intelligence systems.

All this and much more international businesses can entrust to remote employees. The ability to communicate via video calls removes any obstacles to communication. And technical outsourcing to Eastern Europe is an excellent opportunity to save a budget for western brands.


Mangosoft tech company is one example of the beneficial collaboration of teams from different countries. The brand offers its customers:

  •  Development of mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile;
  •  Creation of cross-browser corporate software;
  •  Business process administration through automation and CRM;
  •  Implementation of Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts and DApps;
  •  Software Testing and QA.

Any service can be ordered or get the whole complex. Specialists carry out project development from scratch, as well as adding neoteric features and improving existing products.

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The company’s philosophy is to reduce the cost of doing business. The management of the brand is confident that even ingenious technology, implemented for other purposes, is a waste of the company’s budget. Thus, the main focus when working on projects is on a detailed analysis of the customer’s business. Also, experts are upcoming a marketing strategics and several plans for testing the future output. Customers can order:

  •  Business analysis;
  •  Solution architecture;
  •  Development of unique software;
  •  QA and product testing;
  •  Product management.

Sphere software

The crew offers strategically accurate solutions. The team specializes in highly flexible innovations. This allows you to present any business from a new perspective. Areas of activity:

  •  FinTech;
  •  Retail;
  •  IoT;
  •  Healthcare;
  •  MarTech;
  •  Construction.

A particular type of company services is staff training. Vocational coaches not only train customers to work with the finished product. You can order the preparation of IT specialists for any business.


Ukraine IT outsourcing companies are an excellent choice for foreign customers. Also, technical experts from this country have become an attractive investment target. A high level of education and good material and technical base contribute to excellent results. To start working together, customers need to leave a request on the website of the selected company. It is logical to compare several sentences to evaluate the specialization and level of the team. For example, Mangosoft offers potential customers a free consultation. Even before signing the contract, you can find out all the details and evaluate the prospects. At the same time, the client also receives the valuable opinion of a third-party technical specialist regarding the future product.


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