Many people love to decorate their kitchen or bathroom with granite composite sinks to increase inner beauty. These sinks are strong, durable, long-lasting, and hardwearing for any kitchen and bathroom. Granite composite sinks are generally a complete blend of resin and natural stone for smoothness and heavy use.

Granite composite sinks are strong enough to hold dropped silverware, glassware, heavy pots, and various things used in a busy kitchen. The natural granite look of the sink gives your countertop an attractive look. If proper care is not taken, your sink may get chipped. You can solve this problem and protect the sink with little extra effort.

How to fix chipped granite Composite sink

Perfect directions are necessary to do any kitchen work. Here we will provide you with some processes. Try to follow these processes accordingly to fix your issue. Hopefully, these instructions will be the perfect solution for solving your chipped composite sink.

Step 1: Collect everything that you need

You need some working tools to fix the chipped composite sink. These tools may vary according to your sink. But we are giving a general list of items that you obviously need. This list can be something like this:

• 304L stainless steel or cement board bowling tape.

• Cardboard.

• Glue mixing knife.

• Knife grade clear epoxy.

• Hardener.

• Clothes.

• Blades.

• Color or pigments.

If you have two big broken parts of your sink, then you need 304L stainless steel as a base to perform all of your tasks.

Cement board bowling tape is perfect for some little chipped parts on your granite composite sink. It totally depends on the present condition of your composite sink. Then you need to buy one or two colors according to the color of your sink.

Sometimes you need to mix more than two colors to make the same colors as your sink has. So, make ready all of these items before going to the main task of chipping. Shut down your hard and cold water supply before starting final processes.

Step 2: Make a perfect base under your granite sink

This step is pretty important for your next tasks. You need to create a base under the cracked part of your sink. You can use steel or a good tape for making this base. But make sure to make a solid base under the broken part of your sink.

Step 3: Mixing up glue and hardener

You must collect clear knife grade epoxy along with a hardener to do the next tasks. Most of this glue comes with a hardener and; you don’t need to purchase an additional one. After collecting the items, take a little piece of cardboard. Put some glue from the box and keep them at the corner side of your board.

Keep some hardener at another corner. Take a mixing knife to mix them well. Firstly, take 60% epoxy glue and 40% hardener from each corner sider. Bring them at the center of your cardboard with the help of a knife. Mix up glue and hardener for 5 to 7 minutes.

Step 4: Put the mixture on the chipped parts of your granite sink

It’s probably the most important part to fix the chipped granite sink. First, take your mixture carefully at the front part of your mixing knife. Then go to the chipped parts of your sink and put the mixture there. Do it well and make a horizontal alignment by pressuring from the corner side of your sink. Once this process is done, make sure to perform the next process too quickly.

Step 5: Clean the glue from the upper surface of your sink

When you pressurize your sink from two corners, you will see some glue on the surface. Make sure to remove them quickly with the help of the blade. It’s important to do this quickly because you can’t remove them in case of becoming harder. After removing these excess glues, you must clean this upper part with your sink with any dry clothes.

Step 6: Make colors mixture as like as your sink

In this step, you need to make a mixture of two or three colors. Make the mixture’s color close to your sink color. You can purchase these colors from any retailer store. Add some glue and hardener with this color mixture. Then put it on the upper side of the broken parts of your sink.

Make it invisible to the audience that there is any cracking part. This part needs to be done perfectly cause it is completely attached to your viewers. After doing all these tasks you have all done with all of your processes. Wait around 5-6 hours to start using your sink.


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These step by step guidelines will help you to get back your granite composite sink as the new one. The full process will take at least 2 hours to finish. Don’t force excessively just after fixing the issue. Wait around one or two days for regular heavy usage.


A perfect composite sink gives an elegant and stylish look in all types of kitchen. The sink is unique and highly resistant to heat, stain, and scratching when properly sealed.

As this sink is a little bit costly; it is important to take care of the sink. To keep the sink beautiful, a yearly seal and proper maintenance are required. As time passes granite may get brittle any chip at some places. This article describes the way of repairing the chip step by step easily and accurately. By acquiring this basic repairing knowledge, you can solve your problem quickly without calling the plumber.

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