Are you the sort of person who cannot survive without your Smartphone? Does a small issue with the Smartphone trouble you to the extreme? It is understandable that a Smartphone issue can be frustrating.

Well, whenever you encounter such a problem, you should go for phone repairs at Brisbane. However, there are many Smartphone problems that you can fix on your own. For example, sometimes the microphone of your Smartphone stops functioning.

Fixing a damaged Smartphone microphone

 First, you need to identify why the microphone is not working properly. There can be several causes of this problem. Sometimes there is a simple sound hinderance. You should check if there are any microphone obstructions.

There can be a dirt buildup that can lead to the malfunctioning of your Smartphone microphone. It is also a possibility that a hardware problem can cause this mess. We will discuss the steps to fix the microphone problem.

Try opting for a microphone restart

Sometimes you delay restarting your Smartphone. The good news is that starting your microphone can resolve many issues. When you restart your microphone, then it tends to clear many open apps.

Initially, you need to power off your phone. Make sure that you restart it after 10 to 30 seconds. As a result, your phone will get refreshed.

Clean your microphone by making use of a pin

 When you use your Smartphone for an extended period of time, then a lot of dirt gets accumulated.  The debris can get stuck in the openings of your Smartphone. Your mic can get termed as a small hole present beside your USB connector.

 What you can do is blow at the hole directly. There is another way out of the problem also. Get a pin and make sure that you poke at the hole.  It helps in removing the dirt.

Disable the third-party apps

Sometimes third-party apps hinder the operation of your Smartphone. However, you can get rid of these apps. What you need to do is run your phone in the safe mode. Make sure that you temporarily disable all the third-party apps.

 Next, you can go for test call to check if your Smartphone is working properly. If it does, then it means that the culprits were the Smartphone apps. You must be wondering how you can check the apps. The process is simple.

 You need to visit the Settings, then go to Apps. Next, you need to visit App permissions and Microphone permissions.

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Consider disabling the noise suppression

Some of the Android phones have a smart feature known as noise reduction or suppression. The feature tends to reduce the background noise. However, it can hamper the function of your microphone. It may stop working properly. The answer to this problem is simple. You need to disable the noise reduction feature. The problem will get resolved and your microphone will work properly. Try these remedies to fix your Smartphone issues and you will buy your peace of mind. Take the steps today.

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